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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bitter-bing! a joisey boy!


hillary clinton's ad featuring pennsylvanians who are angry about barack obama's "bitter" remark seems to have hit a snag...mainly, one guy in the ad is actually from new jersey. chitrib political blog the swamp:

clyde thomas, who sports a goatee in the ad and says, “the good people of pennsylvania deserve a lot better than what barack obama said,” is actually registered in new jersey. he voted there for clinton feb. 5. he only recently moved to bethlehem, pa.

“it shouldn’t be a big deal. i explained it to the campaign,” thomas said in an interview. “i see pennsylvanians for what they are. i grew up with the values of pennsylvanians”…

thomas said he was born in scranton, but has lived his entire life in somerville, n.j. he is a 46-year-old unemployed environmental engineer…

asked about the fact that thomas isn’t registered in pennsylvania, clinton campaign spokesman mark nevins said: “clyde has deep roots in pennsylvania and is moving back to the state after having voted in new jersey in their primary for hillary clinton.”
we suppose they can be bitter in jersey, too, but it doesn't help sen. clinton's campaign to present "pennsylvanians," when one of them lived his whole life in the garden state.

oliver willis opines:

a friend of mine noted that the clinton camp has a habit of super-shortsighted flailing. they attack and pile-on at the moment without any sort of long term plan for what to do. it feels good, so they do it, without paying attention to any of the possible long term consequence.
meanwhile, gallup reports that obama's "bitter" remark has changed the minds of pennsylvania voters at the rate of...absolutely none:


obama hypothesized that many of the voters he was talking about "cling" to religion because of their frustration with their economic state. but there is no evidence that more religious democratic voters have shifted their support away from obama as a result of his statement. prior to the controversy, 49% of democrats who say religion is an important part of their lives supported obama and 42% preferred clinton. obama maintains a similar five-point lead among religious democrats in the more recent data...

it certainly appears that, as of april 14 interviewing, obama's remarks have not hurt him -- either among the democratic electorate as a whole or among the democratic constituencies obama was referring to. wednesday night's debate may shine a spotlight on those comments and make them known to a wider audience, so the possibility remains that obama has not completely weathered the storm.

conceivably, obama could be hurt more in a general-election context, where voters with the characteristics he describes might already have an inkling to vote republican, and such remarks could nudge them more in that direction. but gallup's general-election tracking data -- like that for the democratic nomination -- have so far shown no deterioration in obama's standing versus presumptive republican nominee john mccain.
it has been our opinion that, far from the intended consquences of ham-stringing obama, the mmm's and clinton campaign's 24/7 harping these last few days on the "bitter" remark has instead has reminded voters of just how angry they actually are.

in other words, if the cable screeching heads had reported on something else this week...say, something like...oh, we don't know...off the top of our heads, maybe...torture, then the words "bitter" and "economy" wouldn't have echoed so much in people's minds.

instead the tv news has just reinforced what people are feeling...angry at the wealth being redistributed from the middle class to the monied elites.

and they are bitter.

we'd never thought we'd type these words, but we'll leave you with the thoughts of andrew sullivan:

the latest data from gallup analyzing the democratic race among those with less education and income. no meaningful change. the scandal of obama's alleged elitism seems restricted to ... elites.

if this pans out in the actual primary, then a very large number of pundits and bloggers and pols are going to be revealed as hopelessly out of touch with the country they are talking about.

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I think Andrew Sullivan nailed it- wow...I did not know this about the Ad...thank you for posting this.

You know the funny thing is- I get really bitter when I am lied to....jus sayin'
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 11:48 PM PDT  
I grew up in a small town with a history quite similar to those of the ones Obama was talking about. Here's another reason his remarks haven't hurt him: they were right on the money.

Yeah. A politician actually reared up and spoke an uncomfortable truth in front of a camera and a crowd. And the crowd applauded him for it. Once in a while, this does happen.

And the more Clinton slides into her default pandering mode to salvage whatever chance she still has at Her Turn in the White House, the more clownish she looks. She's not hurting the Democratic Party. She's hurting herself...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:07 AM PDT  
"a very large number of pundits and bloggers and pols are going to be revealed as hopelessly out of touch with the country they are talking about."

He's right, but oh! the irony!
commented by Blogger The Barefoot Bum, 7:35 AM PDT  

That Gallup poll was conducted before most people even heard about the Obama gaffe.

Take a look at the later polls this week. There's been a drop.
commented by Blogger Carl, 2:10 PM PDT  
wow, carl, obama's numbers have dropped from 51% to 49%! omg!

5 more "gaffes" and clinton will be ahead!!

as gallup sez today:

this seven percentage point margin, although down slightly from obama's high-water mark of an 11-point lead in gallup's april 12-14 average, represents the 11th consecutive day that obama has held a statistically significant lead over clinton.

now, several other polls have clinton ahead, so i'm not saying obama will win penns. i in fact will be terribly surprised if he does.

what i am saying is that, unlike the right-wing drama queens and the syncophatic fops of the press corps, real america doesn't give two hoots and a holler about these so-called "scandals."

i'd go so far as to say the same about clinton's bosnia-under-fire remark, too. nobody cares except the press corp and the villagers clutching their pearls.
commented by Blogger skippy, 5:52 PM PDT  

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