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Thursday, April 17, 2008

amanda sucks

and not just because pandagon dropped skippy from their blogroll.

physioprof explains the importance of graciousness in academia and how it applies to blogging.


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Thanks for the link!

Hey, do you happen do know who invented the term "Blogtopia"? I have been wracking my brain trying to remember, but I just can't seem to recall.
commented by Anonymous PhysioProf, 3:28 AM PDT  
There's more to the story than just Amanda refusing to cite a source. It doesn't excuse her refusal to read or cite others, but the explanation is a little deeper than mere suckitude.
commented by Blogger The Barefoot Bum, 7:32 AM PDT  

where is Pandagon's blogroll? (if you can't find it, does it really matter?)

Not cool to drop the roo, though.
Is it related to her book being published, and now a member of the "self-inflated" class?
commented by Blogger Swanksalot, 10:33 AM PDT  
Damn, I love these duels to the death; they solve so much.

Meanwhile the war in Iraq drags on, food prices are escalating at home and in the third world, and the ice caps are melting with alarming rapidity.

But then we have intrepid bloggers like Melissa McEwan determining who is a progressive and who isn't.

Keep it humans, you are vastly entertaining.
melissa mcewan? hah?
commented by Blogger skippy, 11:49 PM PDT  
I don't get it. All Amanda has to do to cool everything off is apologize and add a few links and she's a hero and the bad feelings (mostly) stop. What's her problem? People do this all the time and it works! If her ego is too big to be part of the community she's appropriating from, then words utterly fail me.

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