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Saturday, March 29, 2008


the wal-mart critic won a court case against the big evil giant dime store.
a federal judge in atlanta sided tuesday with a conyers man whose satirical web site likens wal-mart to the holocaust.

..the 50-year-old computer store owner from conyers, ga., said wal-mart is "taking over the world." he set up the walocaust web site, and later a wal-qaeda web site, to make his point. on the site, smith said: "when I came up with the word (walocaust), i was thinking of all of the destruction that has been taking place in the world in the last few years. massive layoffs, jobs and investment capital going over seas, record bankruptcies, lost pensions, millions of uninsured, and wars. behind most of this destruction lurk giant corporations - wgcl atlanta
but, unfortunately, wal-qaeda won a court case against one of it's former employees....a former employee who is brain damaged, living in a care facility unable to maneuver without a wheelchair, who's husband had to divorce her so that she would be eligible for financial assistance from medicaid, who's son was killed in iraq....
...eight years ago, shank was stocking shelves for the retail giant and signed up for wal-mart's health and benefits plan.

two years after the accident, shank and her husband, jim, were awarded about $1 million in a lawsuit against the trucking company involved in the crash. after legal fees were paid, $417,000 was placed in a trust to pay for debbie shank's long-term care.

wal-mart had paid out about $470,000 for shank's medical expenses and later sued for the same amount.

... in 2007, the retail giant reported net sales in the third quarter of $90 billion.

...jim shank, 54, is recovering from prostate cancer, works two jobs and struggles to pay the bills. he's afraid he won't be able to send their youngest son to college and pay for his and debbie's care.

"who needs the money more? a disabled lady in a wheelchair with no future, whatsoever, or does wal-mart need $90 billion, plus $200,000?" he asked. - cnn international

the ceo of wal-qaeda, mr. h. lee scott is paid millions upon millions of dollars. perhaps he can explain why the company can afford to pay him a total compensation of $10.46 million and the company take in billions of dollars in profit, yet take all the money a former employee had in the world and leave her and her family nothing.

"i am happy to report that wal-mart stores incorporated had another record quarter and fiscal year. let me begin with our record sales. total net sales for fiscal year 2008 reached $375 billion dollars an 8.6 percent increase for our company. we added approximately $30 billion dollars in sales which is more than many retailers generate over the course of an entire year."

..."said another way, $30 billion dollars would be the equivalent of a fortune 75 business. for the 4th quarter we topped a hundred billion dollars in sales. the first time in history that a global retailer has reached this milestone in sales in a single quarter." - ceo h. lee scott. - pridedepot.com

"the real key is taking care of customers," says scott.

well, mr. scott. perhaps you can see to it these customers are taken care of. that would be key.

(my future husband keith o has named wal-qaeda the worst peeps in the world, too....)

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I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart, will never shop there again. You can see how much my efforts have been hurting the company.

THAT SAID... I really have to wonder at the competency and ethics of the family's attorneys in this matter. First off, the law firm walked away with better than half of the settlement. They should have been aware of a potential problem with the health insurance, notified Wal-Mart of their intent to sue and hammered out an agreement. If the family decided NOT to sue, Wal-Mart would never have gotten anything. These health insurance clauses, while disgusting, are not unheard of.

Obviously this all depended on the nature of the contract language but from these articles it seems that the attorneys may have failed to argue that Wal-Mart should have incurred the expense of the lawsuit's attorneys fees. Something is clearly wrong here.

What I love best is that her husband had to divorce her so that she would receive Medicaid. Thanks to Wal-Mart, guess who is picking up the costs of her future care!
commented by Anonymous sean, 12:26 AM PDT  
wal mart loves america doesnt it? thankfully they are NOT in NYC
commented by Blogger Distributorcap, 3:05 AM PDT  

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