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Monday, March 31, 2008

skippy's monday nite music club

one of the great things about youtube is finding crap you'd never see otherwise...

james "the king" brown - elvis presley sings nirvana 'come as you are'

james "the king" brown is not the godfather of rock n roll, but rather a postman from belfast, ireland, who sounds exactly like elvis.

but, as evidenced by this interesting video, he's not a campy lounge act. rather he actually attempts to reach the tone and depth of the original elvis' voice, playing it all straight, not for giggles.

yes, if you close your eyes, it actually sounds like elvis presley singing nirvana. and we like to think that, if elvis and kurt had both stayed around, they would have shared a few drinks and pills sometime.


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Not bad, but he's no Dread Zeppelin
commented by Blogger zencomix, 10:34 AM PDT  
but i think dread zeppelin is more a novelty act. i think this guy plays it more straight.

another funny elvis riff is el vez.
commented by Blogger skippy, 12:13 PM PDT  
Not too bad, and I'm no fan of Nirvana nor Elvis.

I would love to pair other acts I hate and see if they can produce music that doesn't suck.

AC/DC and Lawrence Welk?
Alan Jackson and Tupac?

the mind boggles.
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 2:08 PM PDT  
I like. He doesn't sound exactly like Elvis to me but close. On the other hand he has good voice. He should just do it as himself. Also James "the king" Brown seems to like Asian girlz, but then who doesn't?
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