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Friday, March 28, 2008

skippy's friday nite music club

rafael kubelik conducting the czech philharmonic orchestra - vltava (die moldau) by smetana

part one

part two

vltava, or the moldau (the german name, as its more popularly known), is one of six pieces in the symphonic poem ma vlast (my country) by bedrich smetana. the whole piece is a tone poem, describing with music the countryside of what used to be known as bohemia, now in the czech republic.

this movement paints the picture of the vltava river, starting out as trickles from mountain springs (the opening flutes), driving down thru the farmlands and forests, past the rapids and thru prague (as the music swells) and ending in a wide rolling crescendo, at the elbe river. more than any other music piece, save perhaps the blue danube, this music evokes the rhythm and pace of a river at all of its stages.

it is truly a maginificent work, and here it is interpreted the area's own countrymen, the czech philharmonic orchestra, led by rafael kubelik, who himself was born in bohemia. this youtube, recorded in 1990, shows kubelik conducting at the prague spring festival in 1990, a festival he himself founded in 1946 before czechoslovakia fell to the communist regime.

this also represents one of his last performances, as the great maestro died in 1996.


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