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Friday, March 28, 2008

the man with the plan

lambert at corrente challenges us all to challenge our candidates:

via digby, here’s the responsible plan for iraq. it’s one answer to what to we do about iraq? i just went and signed...

downloading the full plan [pdf], i saw these three points, which neither dem candidate is pushing:

in addition to the goals we have laid out to accomplish, there is a set of things that are explicitly not our desired ends.

no use of iraq as a military leverage point for the u.s. in the middle east.

iraq study group recommendation 22: the president should state that the united states does not seek permanent military bases in iraq. if the iraqi government were to request a temporary base or bases, then the u.s. government could consider that request as it would in the case of any other government.

no u.s. domination over iraqi oil.

iraq study group recommendation 23: the president should restate that the united states does not seek to control iraq’s oil.

no protection of profits for war profiteers.

contractors who have abused u.s. taxpayers and iraqi citizens by failing to deliver on their contractual obligations, by delivering substandard goods or services, or by working counter to the interests of the u.s. and the iraqis should be held to account. at a minimum, profits made by such contractors at the expense of the u.s. taxpayer and the iraqi people should be refunded.
the plan also has points for reversing media consolidation and restoring constitutional government, which is red meat for bloggers like me.

so, let’s do a little test marketing. here’s a challenge:

to our new obama, er, supporters:

are you man, or woman, enough to join me in signing on to the responsible plan, pressuring your candidate to sign, and posting here that you did?

to our hillary, er, supporters:

same question.
people? let’s try to get either or both dem candidates to sign on to the responsible plan. that’s something we can all do right now.

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Sure, and while we're at it, let's all sign a pledge to force our candidates to support baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.

This shouldn't have to be a pledge
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