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Monday, March 24, 2008

let's go out to the lobby

the newshoggers examines mccain's hypocrisy w/the lobbyists:

mccain says he wants lobbyists out of politics while employing a whole bunch of them in key campaign positions. whodathunkit?

republican presidential candidate john mccain has condemned the influence of "special interest lobbyists," yet dozens of lobbyists have political and financial ties to his presidential campaign — particularly from telecommunications companies, an industry he helps oversee in the senate.

of the 66 current or former lobbyists working for the arizona senator or raising money for his presidential campaign, 23 have lobbied for telecommunications companies in the past decade, senate lobbying disclosures show.

mccain has netted about $765,000 in political donations from those telecom lobbyists, their spouses, colleagues at their firms and their telecom clients during the past decade, a usa today analysis of campaign-finance records shows.

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