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Monday, March 24, 2008

free tibet!

free speech.
...meanwhile in the chinese capital, an activist who wrote an open letter urging "human rights, not the olympics" was sentenced to the maximum five years in prison on a charge of subverting the power of the state.

...fhree frenchmen from the paris-based group reporters without borders were detained by greek authorities and charged with the misdemeanor count of offending national symbols, according to the ap- wapo
why do national symbols get better treatment than human beings?

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That's an excellent question, CJ.
commented by Blogger Rainbow Demon, 10:50 PM PDT  
Do we know that "subverting the power of the state" isn't a misdemeanor in China?

We're talking about two separate countries. People get put in jail in Texas for things they get ticketed for in NY.
commented by Blogger Carl, 9:28 AM PDT  
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