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Sunday, March 09, 2008

did someone clean it up first?

yes, it's a big victory for our side, but when we read the headline dems take old hastert seat, the first thing we wonder is, didn't he already break it?

dennis hastert was not a svelte man, to be delicate about it. and we're guessing any seat he used is probably pretty sweaty and more than a little stinky at this point.

but the chitrib tells us that the special election yesterday in which dem bill foster took the former gop speaker of the house could be a bellweather:

in a stunning upset saturday that could be a sign of trouble for republicans this fall, a little-known democratic physicist won the special election for a far west suburban congressional seat long held by former gop house speaker dennis hastert.

rookie candidate bill foster scored a comfortable victory over republican dairyman jim oberweis, who lost his fourth high-profile contest in six years, after an expensive and highly negative contest…

the win means foster will serve out the rest of hastert's term, a likely advantage as he faces a rematch with oberweis in the november general election for a full two years serving the 14th congressional district.

the result also could be an omen for november, when two other illinois congressional seats are up for grabs following republican retirements, and sen. barack obama could bring out a huge turnout if he's the democratic presidential nominee.

"it tells me that voters are ready for a change. they want new leadership in washington," said sen. dick durbin.
josh marshall, however, points out that the gop can spin anything anyway possible:

late update: in a just released statement, the nrcc spins this one as sound and fury signifying nothing:

“the one thing 2008 has shown is that one election in one state does not prove a trend. in fact, there has been no national trend this entire election season. the presidential election is evidence of that. the democratic candidates are trading election victories from week to week and the nomination could hinge on a few news cycles. the one message coming out of 2008 so far is that what happens today is not a bellwether of what happens this fall.”

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"did someone clean it first?"...oh, my goodness, really bad mental pictures...ish!
commented by Blogger moderate, 5:16 AM PDT  
in fact, there has been no national trend this entire election season.

The only trends happening this election season are ones they won't report on:

- Democrats voting in primaries all across the US are coming in droves to vote, and are double the number of those voting in repub primaries.

- Less and less people are listening when they call on teh boogity man to scare us into voting against our better judgement.
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