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Thursday, March 06, 2008

connect the multitudenous dots.....

united technologies (helicopters, aircraft engines) wants to buy diebold. (yeah...that diebold...voting machines, atm's)
a major lobbyist for united technologies is charles r. black, jr.
charles r. black, jr. is mccain's chief political advisor
the company that charles r. black, jr. heads is bksh & associates.
some of bksh's other clients...at&t, blackwater and the lincoln group.
a joint venture with stonebridge international
(helmed by "sandy berger" former national security advisor to the clinton adminstration) is the civitas group (homeland security experts), on whose board, joseph allbaugh (former fema head and college roomate of "way to go brownie") sits.
bksh is also a subsidiary of burson-marsteller.
the c.e.o. of burson-marsteller? mark penn, hillary clinton's presidential strategist.

doesn't this seem a little too politically incestuous for our country's good?

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Former Barack Obama chief Illinois fundraiser Tony Rezko has close ties to former Iraqi Energy Minister Aiham Alsammarae, who embezzled $650 million in Iraqi reconstruction aid.

I'm sorry...you were saying?
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