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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

and what about jared?

in response to a piece about a school in minneapolis refusing to let vets for freedom present a program featuring veterans from the afghan and iraqi wars, the blog blackfive has declared that the left has no heroes:

apparently the left doesn't have any heroes, they believe that anyone in or out of uniform who is not protesting or telling tales of atrocities reminiscent of jenjis khan, is simply a tool of the vast right-wing conspiracy. in the la la land inhabited by the liberals in minneapolis the voices of our heroes cannot be heard unless countered by the progressive voices of the anti-war crowd, and even then they are not suitable for high school children. i mean god forbid they gain a positive view of our military or hear that brave deeds have been done in support of bush's illegal war.
of course, blackfive has it entirely wrong. the left has plenty of heroes. to wit:

che guevara. the left loves nothing more than communistic rebels who dedicated themselves to the overthrowing of capitalism. and boy, brutality in the service of taking away individual freedoms gets us hot.
josef stalin. talk about brutality! wow, nobody can compare to our main man, stalin. purges, troikas, five year plans, not to mention hatchets to the heads of former allies, now that's something we lefties can really look up to.
margaret sanger. remember, you can't spell "get an abortions" without s-a-n-g-e-r (altho the tenses don't really work, but cut us some slack here, she's our hero). and it's not just the slaughter of innocent pre-born lives that make us sing a song of sanger, but her insistence on overall eugenics as well. kill kill kill, especially white babies, that's our motto!
adolf hitler. well, of course, liberals are inherently fascists, as everybody knows, so who's bigger than our best bud adolf? and since it's obviously a small step from posting "no smoking" signs in public buildings to genocide by gas chambers, we lefties always raise a furor over der fuhrer!
yasser arafat. and speaking of rank anti-sematism, nobody can hold a camel to our man yasser. since the mission statement of the left is the destruction of the state of israel (and, by extenstion, the prevention of the return of the savior jesus christ), our go-to guy is the man who lead the palestinians to glorious suicidal devestation. yasser? yes, sir!
believe us, blackfive, if the school program had been, say, alexander cockburn, or anybody from the daily worker, we would have insisted the show go on! so please, don't say we don't have any heroes! we love our heroes! especially if they like to take away our freedoms!

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...speaking of rank anti-sematism, nobody can hold a camel to our man yasser.

I can't wait to light up this baby in a crowded schul!
commented by Anonymous tata, 5:48 AM PDT  
Dude. Someone's going to take this seriously.
commented by Blogger Chet Scoville, 6:38 AM PDT  
Pale Rider proclaimed Uncle Jimbo our Wingnut of the week He tried his style of debate in our comments section - it boils down to "hate on, libs" and told us to stick it up our ass. We mocked him. The Rush school of debate doesn't fly with my readers.
commented by Blogger --Blue Girl, 7:30 AM PDT  
You forgot Mao
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:59 PM PDT  
The thing is, he actually believes that crap.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 4:46 PM PDT  

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