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Sunday, February 03, 2008

too b.a.d.

more blogs celebrating blogroll amnesty day:

mustang bobby writes one of the most beautiful renditions of why one should maintain a big blogroll over at bark bark woof woof;

two media blogs who are especially good friends of skippy have joined in; they are...

brad jacobson at mediabloodhound; and

caro at makethemaccountable;

also participating: ron chusid at liberal values;

village green at long live the village green;

station agent at ice station tango, who gives us about 10 links to new blogs;

manilla ryce over at the largest minority;

and myrtle june at play on, who has added this humble space to her blogroll, and thusly, we are pleased as a platypus to reciprocate.

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just added my post to B.A.D.
commented by Blogger Distributorcap, 2:30 AM PST  
I tried really, really hard to post this yesterday, and initially posted it to the thread at the link from last year's post on b.a.d...(D'oh!!!)...so I'm gonna try one more time:

Uh...can I just say what I know a bunch of you are thinking?

Big Blogga, on a personal level, is actually Big Douche. That's not to diss their abilities at sussing out things online and linking to news and commentary on a wide range of topics, but still...every site visit is money in the pocket of a guy who is on a personal level, a Giant Douche. And beyond that, a Giant Douche who isn't really writing much of his own material, but rather just linking to what others have written.

No thank you.

The blogroll as is presently constituted on at least one Big Blogga site is more representative of who has most consistently kissed Big Blogga's ass while relentlessly self-promoting in comments and guest posts. They aren't linked (at least not all of them) because their sites are better or offer something you can't get elsewhere, they are linked because they've done the most apple-polishing.

So I applaud this idea of the smaller but in many cases higher-quality blogs cross-linking. I suspect you will be sporting the superior blogroll. While the lack of traffic from Big Blogga is a blow, I know, you can at least console yourself that you will now be linked by good people of good will and good talent, rather than by a Giant Douche whose opinion is based more on who does the most ass-kissing than it is on who's doing the best writing. Godspeed, skippy.
commented by Blogger Jennifer, 6:15 AM PST  
Hey skippy - my B.A.D. post is here. I have also added your blog to my 'roll.

Brilliant idea.

the Pajama Pundit
commented by Blogger //PJP, 6:36 AM PST  
Feel the love!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:15 AM PST  
My little voice has been posted, with love and links. Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity.
commented by Blogger pygalgia, 8:39 AM PST  
Thank you Skippy! I certainly will be updating my itty little blog roll as I work my way through all the listed participants. Wow! That will take awhile :-) Great to see! Nice to get down to the heart of the matter.
commented by Blogger Myrtle June, 5:54 PM PST  
Hey Skippy, thanks for the link and for helping make BAD a movement within a movement within a movement!
commented by Blogger Station Agent, 10:17 AM PST  

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