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Sunday, February 03, 2008

skippy's b.a.d. co-bloggers

our co-bloggers here at skippy get into the act of blogroll amnesty day!

george, the old fashioned patriot, posts about it on our blog and his own;

and cookie jill sends us a list of smaller blogs she likes:

rurality, left at the gate, tomato, green wombat, smokies light, lobstersquad, a sampler of things (aka mr. toast), i'm not one to blog, but..., the average man, life after coffee, swim at your own risk, the real estalker, up in alaska, aquafornia, santa claus blog!

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Just a thought, but by linking to everyone else, could we actually make Google explode?
commented by Blogger Saskboy, 5:19 PM PST  

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