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Saturday, February 23, 2008

how can you spoil a garbage dump?

ralph nader is rumored to be planning yet another run for the presidency...cbs:

the consumer advocate will appear on nbc's "meet the press" on sunday. nader launched his 2004 presidential run on the show.

a spokesman for nader did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

kevin zeese, who was nader's spokesman during the 2004 presidential race, but is no longer working for him, said friday that nader has been actively talking to "lots of people on all sorts of levels" about the possibility of making another run.

zeese said he could only guess what nader might do, but added: "obviously, i don't think ("meet the press" host) tim russert would have him on for no reason."
we are of mixed emotions about this.

readers who follow skippy know that it is our learned opinion that it took more than ralph nader's candidacy to get the country in the mess it's in now. (we also credit a lazy, snide press, a crapload of money from special interests, dem leaders more interested in perserving individual jobs than doing well for the country, a well-financed gop infrastructure at key local positions, a couple of dem prez candidates who refused to respond to coordinated attacks, not to mention a supreme court well-stocked by former gop presidents.)

so calling nader a spoiler in today's climate is like pointing out a rotten banana in a garbage dump. the problems that got us here are far more wide-spread than one ego-maniac gumming up the works.

however, he is just a jerk.

(tip o'the kangaroo tail to make them accountable for the link!)

addendum: joe gandelman of the moderate voice has a round up of national opinion, blog opinion, and his own opinion.

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You can feel free to think Ralph Nader's decision to run for President would be misguided, or wrong. However, accusations that Nader is just an egomaniac are pure slander. Ralph Nader is among the most dedicated, selfless "citizens" in the true sense of that word in the entire country. If he were really an egomaniac, there are a hundred things he could be doing other than making half the country mad at him. As for being a jerk, I'm sorry, I can't agree to apply that term to anyone who has dedicated his entire life to the betterment of the lives of his fellow citizens. If only there were a million or ten million more like him.
Well Skip, your title IS great.

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commented by Blogger ryanshaunkelly, 4:57 PM PST  
Good News for McCain! Nader reached his nadir playing chicken in 2000. Look around you and see what that has cost us. When you're trying to take the country back from fascists, you ought not to play with toy soldiers. Nader's constituency is the scrap heap of history and, by shunning his ass, that's where we can consign him.
commented by Blogger Vigilante, 6:13 PM PST  
I voted for Nader in 2000, and you know what? I'm tempted to vote for him again, just out of freakin' spite.

This is it. Time for the Democrats to get their lousy act together, no more finger-pointing when things don't go their way. If they can't do it, then the hell with them...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 7:12 PM PST  
So you're going to do your modest little bit punishing the country (again) because you think the Democrats let you down?

I'm not spending another micro-second on you, dude.
commented by Blogger Vigilante, 9:15 PM PST  
nader is on MTP right now spouting how bad things are that he is gonn run
commented by Blogger Distributorcap, 7:44 AM PST  
I don't understand how anyone believing in what Nader believes in could risk another 4 - 8 years of a GOP presidency. True, there were other factors inthe elections other than Nader, but everyone knew it would be close. Really close.

And I don't care what he thinks of the Dems, what that election cost Americans is two Supreme Court Justices, who knows how many other judges, corporations running rampant over individuals and the public in general, with every federal agency and new federal judge siding with big business over the little guy. THe environment agencies and corporate watch agencies all gutted.

No, Nader is a great deal worse than a jerk but the last time I said something harsh my post was yanked.
commented by Anonymous sean on li, 4:43 PM PST  
Have voted third party all my life, including Nader in 2000, with the notable exception of Kerry in 2004 (that's the best you guys could come up with?)...

But reading comments like vigilante's all over the blogosphere today have made me see the light...I'm ripping up my voter's registration card (been a voter since 1978 and only missed one election). To hell with you all and your "precious democracy."
commented by Blogger The Culture Ghost, 4:50 PM PST  
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commented by Blogger Vigilante, 10:46 PM PST  
I guess some people are not qualified to vote. That's what Republicans have been telling me for years,
commented by Blogger Vigilante, 10:47 PM PST  
According to the original Constitution, I seem to meet most of the qualifications: free, white, male, property owner...(oh and we keep numerous indentured servants, it's the dirty family secret).

commented by Blogger The Culture Ghost, 8:00 AM PST  
It's not that you're not qualified to vote, culture ghost, but by not voting I think many might disqualify you from having a voice on these matters. Obviously you're free to talk all you want but by disengaging yourself from the one conversation that matters, who really cares what you have to say from outside the arena? Does anyone listen to a Mets fan at a Yankee/Red Sox game?

Elections have been this way since the word go. Really, it's a matter of picking out the shit that most resembles manure. If you're too sensitive to do it, I guess that's fine, certainly your right, but don't expect those that ARE willing to do it to sit around happily if you offer running commentary while the rest of us are personally invested up to elbows in shit.

All we ask before you quit or vote Nader (same thing) is to make absolutely certain that you are really sure that one of the two candidates that are most likely to win, that you are 100% positive that one of them will not be likely to effect your life for better or worse. And then shut up about the results until the next time you actually vote.
commented by Anonymous sean on li, 10:29 AM PST  

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