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Sunday, February 03, 2008

the good, the b.a.d., and the bloggy

more folks participate in blogroll amnesty day:

dr. zauis, over at zaius nation, currently holds the record for number of blogs linked to in his post at somewhere around 150(!!);

one fly, over at outta the cornfield;

walnut, over at balls and walnuts;

upyernoz, who disagrees w/our original motivations for blogroll amnesty day, but nonetheless is happy to participate in the new evolution of same, over at rubber hose;

our good friend, mike the mad biologist, continues to offer real blogroll amnesty over at his blog;

the beautiful liza at culture kitchen goes above and beyond with a plethora of linkage;

mooncat, over at left in alabama, who pens this nugget: "it's great to write for pleasure, but readers are pretty rewarding, too";

lilole, a blog in a language we can't recognize, but we do recognize linkage;

and the beautiful enigma4ever, over at watergate summer, tells us a round up post w/linkage is coming soon!

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Thanks, Skippy.

I've got ya blogrolled :)
commented by Anonymous Doug, 2:23 PM PST  

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