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Sunday, February 03, 2008

glad to be b.a.d.

more blogs celebrating blogroll amnesty day...

alan at blogging out loud;

distributorcap over at distributorcap ny;;

our good buddy pygaglia at pygaglia (both pygaglia and distributorcap linked to way more than 6 blogs, good on ya, guys!);

our personal friend steveaudio over at steveaudio, who opens his post for b.a.d. with a clip from the beatles (don't get excited, it's from magical mystery tour, which seems like a back-handed compliment to us...what, no white album?). we love this bit from steve: "i have nothing agains atrios. why, i can even remember when he used to return my emails...";

the ever beautiful nunya at politicky bitch;

the lovely blondesense liz over at blondesense (who promises that her co-bloggers will continue on today w/more b.a.d. posts, and who, for her linkage, picked several of skippy's personal favorite blogs! great minds run in the same gutters, liz!);

and the erudite richard blair over at all spin zone (which has a huge blogroll already).

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the reason i used MMT was because of the "invitation" and "mystery tour" lyrics.

we agree, clearly the white album was deeper artistry. but i couldn't resist those lyrics for today's piece. and thanks as always to you too! oh, didja like the picture of you and the mrs?
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