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Saturday, February 02, 2008

doing good by doing b.a.d.

the links just keep on comin' for blogroll amnesty day!

jurassic pork at welcome to pottersville;

fearguth at bildungblog;

kyle at comments from left field;

wrythings at wrythings;

cernig at newshoggers;

and the politicalcat at the politicalcat!

addendum: that politcalcat is a b.a.d., b.a.d. cat! she's posted a second post w/even more links!

double addendum: and over at the culture vultures, too!

kc45s at 45s and under;

bill heffner at on my mind;

the pajama pundit at the pajama pundit;

and our good friend libby over at the impolitic!

[ed. note: big thanks to our good friend and ardent supporter dr. avedon carol of the sideshow for the shout out!]

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