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Sunday, February 03, 2008

blogroll amnesty day!


email skippy if you want the code to these logos!

[ed. note: blogroll amnesty day takes up most of this blog's space this weekend. if you're a brand new reader to skippy, may we suggest a perusal thru the january archive, to get a better sense of the writings of skippy and his co-bloggers? but if you're here for b.a.d., read on...]

readers of this space may have noticed a plethora of "blogging around" posts, wherein we give you several links to several other blogs.

astute readers might theorize that we are just lazy. but our cover story is that it's really our tribute to blogroll amnesty & blogroll bloodbath anniversary remembrance day.

we shan't bore you with the bloody history of blogroll amnesty day (we'll let jon swift, our partner in this endeavor, do that).

today marks the three-day weekend celebration blog-burst of b.a.d., or blogroll amnesty day for short, and literally dozens of participating blogs will be participating.

each blog will celebrate the unity of progressive infrastructure amenability by posting links to a handful of smaller blogs, thus giving exposure to diverse voices thru-out blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase!

we figure the only way to fight the great echo chamber of the hardly-ever-right is to create our own, and the best way to do that is to give linkage (hey, it's free!) to other writers with our same goals.

tho we are celebrating all weekend long, the actual anniversary day is sunday, feb. 3. (well, no, the actual anniversary day is super tuesday, feb. 5, but we figure most bloggers might be busy covering, oh, we don't know, the presidential race or something. so jon & skippy decided on feb. 3 to hold the celebration because, after all, nothing's happening this sunday).

[ed. note: jon swift insists that there never was any confusion about the date...it's actually feb. 3, according to him. we'll let him have his point, in the spirit of the day, tho we can't ever figure out why we thought feb. 5 was the occasion!]

and our very good friend blue gal, who always gives us shouts out when she blogs at c&l, has been helping to spread the word about b.a.d. so much this last week as to be a silent partner in the endeavor, and we thank her for it, as well as for her post over at blue gal;

we're happy to point out that kiko's house has already started with this post today.

and the inestimable mr. swift has a handful of other links to other blogs also commemorating this auspicious occasion.

so, this weekend, take a moment to click thru to a smaller blog, and read a new perspective. all of blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, will be better off. and happy blogroll amnesty day to everyone!

and, to a lesser extent, duncan!

[ed. note: pinned to the top of the blog for the whole weekend! because we worked like hell on that graphic, and want to get the most milage out of it as possible]

some major blogs celebrate b.a.d.;

here's some other blogs participating in b.a.d.;

and more blogs;

more blogs still;

and yet more;

and yet even more;

hold on, even more;

still comin';

the hits just keep on rollin' in;

it's a tsunami of blogs!;

a veritable tsunami!;

we're tellin' ya, a whole bunch of blogs;

when will it ever stop?

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posted by skippy at 11:59 PM |


I've got some links, not sure if they're not too small.

Anybody hear of a guy named Markos?
commented by Blogger Blogtopus, 3:47 PM PST  
I am a little humble blog over at Watergate Summer but I will be happy to post other Blogs that need checking out- in a Round Up tomorrow....

thanks for reminding me about this great event....

( and I thought it was just Superbowl Weekend...)\

**** I also will have a Healthcare Post up this weekend better explaining some of the Election Health Issues....

commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 4:17 PM PST  
Nice graphic! No way could I have done better myself.

And away we go!
commented by Blogger konagod, 5:29 PM PST  
So Jon wants to do this on Super Bowl Sunday?

Perfect timing...
commented by Blogger jurassicpork, 8:29 PM PST  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:36 AM PST  
Hey skippy...Zencomix is celebrating the day as well...I don't think I worked as hard on my toon as you did on your graphic, but anybody that wants to use my toon for their own post is free to do so.
commented by Blogger zencomix, 2:39 AM PST  
I will be joining in tomorrow (Sunday) as well.

Meanwhile, I'm busy learning Japanese or Chinese or whatever language "anonymous" posted in so I can keep up with his comments.
commented by Blogger Mustang Bobby, 4:45 AM PST  
Great idea! I couldn't figure out how to email you (the link took me to a strange form). Since you are allowing people to use your graphic, I figured you wouldn't mind if I just copied it. Please let me know if I've mis-stepped: thecrux@bucknakedpolitics.com
Alright, skip, my post is up and the requisite small fries from today have been linked!

Thanks from one small fry to another,
Center Face
commented by Blogger RonB, 7:29 AM PST  
Hey Skippy - got your excellent graphic up at Hooterville and will continue to add new blogs as the weekend progresses. Fab job!
commented by Blogger Alicia Morgan, 10:22 AM PST  
Cool graphic! I'll have a post up before the end of the weekend...
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 10:34 AM PST  
hi skippy!

as i have been without blogrolling capacity for a bit, I have been remiss in not having your blog linked. I am repentant and throw myself at your mercy.

oh, and i am finally getting off my lazy but and rebuilding my rolls. you are now re-linked.

Of course, i am a small, small blog, unworthy of the attentions of those blogs that suck...... er, i mean those large traffic blogs that oh so humbly look down upon us less trafficked blogs.
commented by Blogger Rook, 12:28 PM PST  
The first big guy to put my tiny little rant filled Blog on his Blogroll. I will never forget you for that. Thank you again.
Now I must get busy.
commented by Blogger Bustednuckles, 2:43 PM PST  
You should be proud of that graphic. It's one of the best I've seen on a blog. Unfortunately I can't think of any blogs smaller than mine to link to. You know how they have that t-shirt that says "Nobody reads my blog."? And so it goes, no big deal.

P.S. Has anyone else been able to get the Sign-in using Wordpress feature to work?
commented by Blogger Jim, 3:44 PM PST  
Thanks, skippy! You were among the first to blogroll me, and since my blog just turned 1 year old today, I appreciate it. I'll be doing my B.A.D. post tomorrow. It's a wonderful idea.
commented by Blogger pygalgia, 7:33 PM PST  
I am honored to be able to participate. I started my first poli sci blog, A Horseman Short of an Apocalypse, quite awhile ago. I had to give it up because I was working two jobs and going to school full time but you mentioned my blog once on yours, Skippy, and it brought a lot of attention my way. It was much appreciated. You and Jon deserve a golden cookie for going around and thanking everyone for being involved. That has to be a somewhat tiresome task.
commented by Anonymous Brandy, 3:09 AM PST  
Skippy, many thanks for the reminder. I will get soemthing up today (unless work rears its ugly head).

A long, long time ago (what, maybe 18 months?) there was a small blog that was averaging, oh, 5 hits a day. On a GOOD day. Then Skippy and some others (Dark Wraith, Jurassic Pork, Cut to the Chase and a few others) liked what the blogger was saying.

18 months to make the first thousand hits, and about 14 to make the next 8,000.

The "linky love" (as I think JP called it) made all the difference.

As others have said -- better than I could -- "Thank you."
commented by Blogger Mr. 618, 3:19 AM PST  
Thanks Skippy for the Graphic. And permission to use it. I have been a reader of this for awhile. You are on my blogroll and have been since week 2 of my blog. You are also bookmarked on my browser.
Thanx for giving the little guys a shot.
commented by Anonymous Rocky, 4:43 AM PST  
Leave a link here to be added to the Alternate Brain blogroll.
commented by Blogger Fixer, 7:42 AM PST  
Hey, Skippy, I'm with you b.a.d! To the barricades! Especially since the Hackenblog just turned five on 2/1.
An offer to be included and to include many others with like views who for the most part tell more of the story and truth than the big boys. Thank you Skippy.
commented by Blogger One Fly, 11:15 AM PST  
oops, I left my self-shout on an earlier post. But my B.A.D. is up.
commented by Anonymous Doug, 11:17 AM PST  
blogtopia wouldn't exist without skippy! (y, wksctp!) And neither would the true blogroll amnesty.

who's BAD?
We're BAD!
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 3:25 PM PST  
I'll gladly give you a hamburger on Tuesday (and a link on my blog) for a spot on yours, Skippy.

commented by Anonymous writechic, 3:35 PM PST  
Hi, Skippy! Just came by to say a big THANK YOU for instituting B.A.D. I've made so many new friends in Blogtopia (y,Yctp!).

I plan to visit both you and Jon over the next couple of weeks and add all the new visitors to my blogroll. Eventually, I'll tidy it up some, but my policy will stay the same. Linky love to all. TPC
commented by Blogger ThePoliticalCat, 4:03 PM PST  
I posted about b.a.d., but it was hard to find any blogs smaller than mine!
commented by Anonymous Rena, 4:17 PM PST  
Great idea and I am happy to participate and I did thank you for the graphic. I borrowed it via dragging, not with code. Hope that is cool.

Now that I am involved in blogging I have spent far less time "with the big kids" and am just so glad to be in the company of so many fine minds.

Thanks for this!
commented by Blogger FranIAm, 5:16 PM PST  
Hey Skippy, can I play?
commented by Anonymous TheBear, 6:43 PM PST  
ok, I'll do it! I'm also offering virtual cookies to anyone who stops by and blogrolls me.(my budget for entertaining bigwigs is modest, for I am but a nanoblogger.
commented by Blogger Jonathan Versen, 6:49 PM PST  
five of too many.

skippy, turn off the loose italics html. someone dropped this BAD ball here.
commented by Blogger chicago dyke, 7:28 PM PST  
I may regret this later - but have been linking to small blogs for two years and accumulated the results in http://del.icio.us/opit/
I've already got another contributor sharing links, but the trick is ... it is possible to generate a massive leftie tag cloud if a few other like-minded idiots want to generate the most humungous group blogdex. We can share and embed the bookmarks in theFirefox browser.
And yeah - it's oldephartteintraining - slightly changed from delisting at WordPress.
Opit's Linkfest
commented by Blogger opit, 7:59 PM PST  
I keep forgetting Blogger doesn't add the address. http://my.opera.com/oldephartte/blog/
or email opit@operamail.com
commented by Blogger opit, 8:03 PM PST  
Great idea Skippy. I've added you and a the prerequisite smaller fries to my blogroll. Keep up the good work.
commented by Blogger Dyre42, 10:03 PM PST  
commented by Blogger hipparchia, 12:16 AM PST  
It seems I was kicked off a blogroll of a blog that hardly posted and never commented on my blog. Shit happens, I'm adding to my blogroll all the time, if I can help one of the smaller plebs out then all I require is for them to make themselves known because I am a god of love......ka-chow!
commented by Blogger Old Knudsen, 2:00 AM PST  
thank you for all of your hard work with this Skippy- it is a really nice thing to do for all of us...and it keeps us connected...

thank you...I hope you get to rest now that this is over.....

Happy Chinese New Year...It is the Year of the Rat....
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 2:06 AM PST  
I prefer BLOGDONIA (a word -I- made up) to 'Blogtopia'...it comes from The Marx Brothers' imaginary country FREEDONIA in DUCK SOUP. Blogdonia is a consensual hallucination, just like Freedonia.

I didn't know anything about Blogroll Amnesty Day, so thanks for the education. :)
commented by Blogger Daisy, 8:48 AM PST  
Nevah! It'll nevah end! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! My entry is up, and thanks to you and Mistah Swift for compiling them!
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 10:25 AM PST  
Skippy, you're the awesomest!
commented by Blogger For Real News, 3:34 PM PST  
well, crud, why is it I never hear about these things until it's too late?

If only there were independent websites I could read with regular updates on news and political happenings that fit my interests and leanings...

...nah. It'll never happen.

Also, nice idea. I'll probably throw up an amnesty entry of my own later.
commented by Blogger Demosthenes, 8:56 AM PST  
In honor of Blog Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at robsingleton.net. Please link mine to yours in return. Thank you!

Rob Singleton
commented by Anonymous Rob Singleton, 8:26 AM PST  
Anybody got an e-mail for Demosthenes ? I checked his site and didn't see anything.
Reason for asking : he doesn't seem to know about RSS aggregators like Bloglines, Pageflakes, Netvibes, Google Reader, etc. They're a programmable way to keep up to speed without taking all year loading the browser with new entries.
commented by Blogger opit, 10:35 PM PST  
I just put the liberal Milford blog in my blogroll — is that you? My blog is Views from the Left Coast (http://viewsfromtheleftcoast.blogspot.com). I hope you link back soon! Oh yes, I enjoyed your latest post!
commented by Blogger NatetheGrate, 11:38 PM PDT  
I'll bite. Though few blogs are smaller than mine...
commented by Anonymous quakerdave, 12:11 PM PST  
Hey skip,

I will be linking to some of the smaller blogs you have presented at stbk on my blog, slothropia.com.

btw, I have skippy on my blog roll. wanna put slothropia.com on yours?
commented by Blogger larryjones730, 2:52 PM PST  
so, [today or everyday], take a moment to click thru to a smaller blog/s, and read a new perspective. Happy blogroll amnesty day ( a celebration of small blogs) to everyone! The day that we share the little spaces on the internet(s) that we love and think should get more attention.
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