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Sunday, February 03, 2008

big b.a.d.blogs

we're quite proud that several major blogs are celebrating b.a.d. today...

mike's blog round up over at crooks & liars;

[ed. note: as mike points out, the mike's round-up practices blogroll amnesty day every day of the year. mike, along w/john and nicole (and our buddy blue gal) at c&l, has been the cream of the crop of big a-list blogs for supporting the little guy. they've been doing it since before blogroll amnesty day was even a glint in duncan's eye. we are deeply grateful to c&l and mike's blog round up for their tireless and gracious efforts to link to as many new and interesting blogs as possible. and see, other a-list blogs? it takes such very little effort to be nice...]

also participating: our good friend jane hamsher at firedoglake;

our good friend pam at pam's house blend;

the rude pundit at the rude pundit, who's not rude at all in his post;

the lovely yet contrarian taylor marsh;

we're quite honored that the bradblog let skippy write a guest post about b.a.d.;

pz meyers, who actually practices blogroll amnesty (ie, just ask him, he'll put you on his roll!) over at pharyngula;

our good friend, the lovely maha at mahablog;

our very good blog buddy maryscott o'connor at my left wing

[ed. note: maryscott o'connor has always led the way with generous blogrolls...we would venture to say that the blogroll(s) on my left wing constitute the largest roll in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase];

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