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Saturday, February 02, 2008

b.a.d. to the bone

more blogs participating in blogroll amnesty day!

joe gandelman, over at the moderate voice, not only participates, but has a marvelous musing on what it takes for a new blog to get noticed these days;

[ed. note: joe asked us not to mention this, but we need to point out that joe writes one of the few blogs which has, since its inception, had a policy of linking generously to other blogs, without expectations of reward. his "around the 'sphere" feature is, in fact, one of the inspirations for this b.a.d. program.

on behalf of everyone in blogtopia, and yes we coined that phrase, we'd like to thank joe profusely]


archcrone over at the chrone speaks;

jill, at brilliant at breakfast, links to about 20 blogs (!!) in her post;

monkey monk at crinch pin;

the doctor of divinity at the grand panjandrum;

chris in seattle over at the great endarkenment;

and zen comix has a nice toon for the occasion:


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