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Saturday, February 02, 2008

b.a.d. housekeeping

ironically enough, during this blogroll amnesty day weekend celebration, somebody actually took us up on our standing offer of mutual blogrolling.

we're pleased as a platypus to add 13 martyrs to our roll.

and, on the subject of blogroll amnesty day, here's a few more blogs joining in the festivities:

zencomix has cross-posted his entry over at the aristocrats;

the very fine driftglass over at driftglass;

tom hilton over at if i ran the zoo;

rightwingsnarkle over at rightwingsnarkle;

mathman6293 at when will i use this?, who links to about 20 blogs;

busted knuckles at the ornery bastard;

grandpa moses at the freedom from patriot news censorhsip blog;

the ex-lion tamer at ex-lion tamer;

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