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Friday, February 01, 2008

b.a.d. blogging around

the number of blogs celebrating the diversity of the smaller sites is growing!

our favorite crankpot, maru, over at wtf is it now???;

liquid daddy at zippidy doo da;

chuck at chuck for...;

david at the art of peace;

moses at three sticks;

the barefoot bum at the barefoot bum;

carol at my view of it;

rotus, over at rotus;

and of course, connecticut man, who began celebrating on jan. 6 over at drinking liberally in new milford!

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I'm a bit disappointed that there'snot more joining. A fine effort you and Jon have made :)
commented by Blogger Carol, 9:49 PM PST  
So far, I have seen about 20+++ Blogs participating in some way or another. If they tell two friends, and so on... I say that it will be as successful as anyone could have ever hoped for.
commented by Blogger Connecticut Man1, 9:11 PM PST  

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