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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

luntz upon a time...

is frank luntz re-cycling the same "undecided republicans" in his faux news focus groups? is that fair? is that balanced?

via fdl, we found this new haven independent story about a group of angry ron paul supporters (we know, we know...are there any other kind?) who confronted repubbb pollster frank luntz last night in new hampshire after the faux news debate.

the story is amusing on several levels...we love to see anybody from faux news get hassled. and yet there is the tendency by the paulists towards hyperbole ("you are ignoring america's savior!") which makes us chuckle.

but to give the blimpies their due, it is incredibly unfair (and imbalanced) of a supposed national "news" organization to not invite a presidential candidate who not only beat one of the included candidates in iowa (rudy) but is, in some polls, registering third place (out a field of 58,000 or so) in new hampshire.

but wait. it gets better. a commenter on the independent piece named richard wicks insists that frank lutz is stacking his faux news focus groups with the same people:

fox's "focus" groups are rigged:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pylvgmf9r9g (focus group for sep 5, 2007 debate) at around 3:45

is the same as the guy in

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zenb1s2rkdi at around 1:44 which was from january.

they are actors.
is he right? take a look at our screen capture, and you be the judge:


we printed the two screen shots directly from our vec (very expensive computer) machines, and then scanned those same pictures onto the vec. we put the two pictures side by side via photoshop, but did nothing else, other than add the captions of the two dates.

granted, the shots are a bit dark, and it's very possible that there are two balding guys with goatees and glasses (those republicans are so suave!) who just happened to pop into luntz's two separate focus groups 4 months apart. but we'd suggest that you watch the youtube videos (9/5/07 and 1/6/08)...the voice(s) of the balding guy(s) are incredibly similar.

and we must admit, that nowhere did luntz or any faux news personnel state that the people involved in the two focus groups were different people. after all, both debates took place in new hampshire, and it is a small state. maybe there are only 29 registered repubbblicans who want to live free or die.

but, one would think that an organ that declares itself to be "fair and balanced" would at least present a caveat or some sort of disclosure pointing out that the opinions you hear tonight are the same tired opinions you heard 4 months ago from the same guy.

or maybe the guy's just auditioning for er...


addendum: welcome readers from crooks&liars and the blog report and the new haven independent and the satirical political report!

over at news media tube, they have a youtube video of the bald guy from both different focus groups, side by side. it's easier to see that it's the same guy.

however, unlike what the video purports, let us be clear: both debates, and both focus groups, were held in the same state, new hampshire. also, there is no evidence (at least none we've seen) that the bald guy in question is a paid actor.

now, that doesn't mean the bald guy isn't a weasel, helping luntz spread the pro-gop establishment meme. but all things being equal, we have no proof that the guy is anything more than a gop operative (actually, "actor" would be about 5 rungs higher on the evolutionary scale than "gop operative").

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good catch!
commented by OpenID Michael, 5:44 AM PST  
That M'ffer is one and the same!

These neocon bastards are out to cause nothing but shit.

BTW if I had a dawg with a face like that I would shave it's ass and make it walk backwards!

Just this old Chief's 2ยข
commented by Blogger Maheanuu Tane, 7:49 AM PST  
My, they could be TWINS!!!
commented by Blogger Maximus, 7:54 AM PST  
He's a plant, but I wonder what the specifics are. A local willing to play along? Some low-level Fox employee or GOP operative?
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 10:15 AM PST  
Excellent. Good catch!
commented by Blogger John Leek, 5:21 PM PST  
Any sign of Jegg Gannon (he of the White House news conferences fame) among the crowd?
commented by Anonymous Philadelphia Steve, 4:36 PM PST  
That should have been JEFF Gannon... Never try to type with your toes!
commented by Anonymous Philadelphia Steve, 4:38 PM PST  
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