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Thursday, December 27, 2007

swift gratitude

jon swift, one of our best friends in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, put together a years-end-best-of-2007-blog-posts (chosen by the bloggers themselves)!

mr. swift is not only one of the finest writers in this medium (we know this because so few people understand him and, to us, that's the standard of excellence we strive for everyday), he is also one of the few blogs left who is more than generous with linkage.

now, we haven't mentioned mr. swift's piece simply because he included one of skippy's finer attempts from 2007, no, we are not that craven.

we bring this to your attention because his post also linked to by memeorandum; maybe we'll get some traffic from that site as well (that's how craven we are; you obvioulsy underestimated our cravenosity).

but we must take a moment to urge you to read some of the other bloggers' efforts as well; they are, after all, the "best of 2007," so they're pretty darn good!

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