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Sunday, December 23, 2007

skippy's late nite music club: bonus trax

here's a little nugget we found last year:

we belive it's the ink spots (please help us out if we're wrong about the singers) - i'm dreaming of a white christmas

a cute little video.

addendum: upon further research, we are informed the song is done by the drifters, one of our fav groups of all time.

double addendum: lea-p informs us the wonderful animation was done by joshua held. thanks, lea!

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Have you done "The Rebel Jesus" yet?
By the way, love this video!
Skippy, you really need to credit the wonderful animation, which was done by Joshua Held, for whom see http://www.joshuaheld.com/ and http://www.thenoses.com/ and http://youtube.com/user/thenosesdotcom
commented by Anonymous lea-p, 9:51 AM PST  

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