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Sunday, December 09, 2007

ron paul exercises personal freedom, snubs libertarians

the us libertarian party voted to offer ron paul the top spot on their presidential ticket. unfortunately for them, ron paul voted to turn them down. the austin stateman:

u.s. rep. ron paul turned down a libertarian party invitation on sunday that could have kept him in the 2008 presidential race even if his long-shot bid for the gop nomination fails.

at a meeting in charleston, s.c., the libertarian national committee on sunday unanimously approved a resolution praising the lake jackson congressman for igniting "a renewed passion for liberty across america." ...

but paul spokesman jesse benton said it would not happen.

"ron has no intention to run third party whatsoever," he said.
paul may be shooting himself in the foot by his insistence on sticking to the repubbb nomination. even if i heart huckabee wasn't in the race, paul would still be running a poor fourth, even behind fred "yawn order" thompson. a third party run would give him a shot at actually getting some votes.

meanwhile, some ron paul supporters exercised their personal freedom to call rudy giuliani a fascist. cbs news:

fascist! fascist!” shouted a handful of ron paul supporters at rudy giuliani as he left a hotel and got into his car.

giuliani donned his signature grin while someone screamed at him and his staff, calling them “traitors to the constitution, all of you!” another guy yelled, “pathetic!”
the protesters were harrassing rudy before the gop univision debate in miami, which seems like a particularly moronic oxymoron: repubbblicans courting hispanics. and reuters confirms our suspicions:

republican presidential candidates stuck to their tough line against illegal immigration at a spanish-language debate on sunday, a stance that could spell trouble for them with hispanic voters in next year's election.

hispanic-americans had backed president george w. bush's plan to grant illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship and watched in dismay as conservatives torpedoed it last summer.

given the outrage over bush's proposal to give illegal immigrants a temporary worker status, the overriding republican position is to vow to improve control over the u.s. border with mexico and insist that illegal immigrants not be allowed to get ahead of prospective legal immigrants.
it's certainly a specific stance, however, one wonders on the advisability of presentng such a stance on the spanish station. but remember this is the party of particularly wide stances.

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LIbertarians deserve to be snubbed for all the trouble they cause.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:47 AM PST  
If Paul ran as a third party candidate, he could, by virtue of pulling away pro-constitution votes, become the next Ralph Nader.

Is that what you want?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:26 PM PST  
sure. so what? like the democrats, who have signed off on waterboarding and have done nothing to stop the war in iraq, are a party i want in office?

please, bring ron paul into the mix. let people see just how dissatsified the people are with the two parties in power.
commented by Blogger skippy, 3:59 PM PST  

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