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Friday, December 21, 2007

right about the right

john cole at balloon juice promises a fun time at gop convention...because

the business con – social con split won’t go away because the fundamentals have not changed since june. the chamber of commerce still desperately needs immigrants of the legal and illegal variety, and the social cons will go on demanding that their candidates make the immigrants go away. the neocon vs. paleocon rift and the intramural theocon cage match aren’t going away either. every faction of the old coalition has their own candidate, and for whatever reason (imminent defeat maybe) they’re going at each other like thieves in the third reel of a crime movie.

if you don’t think that the ‘08 rnc convention will be a meltdown for the history books then you’re not paying attention.
we'll be there in the front row w/popcorn!

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