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Saturday, December 29, 2007

posthumous is better than no humous, we suppose

matt bai has a nice piece in the nytimes sunday mag on the late great steve gilliard...would that they had bothered to publish it when he was alive, or maybe at least tried to raise some money for his health insurance.

driftglass has some thoughts on the piece, as does group news blog, including some corrections on the original nytimes piece.

steve was a good friend to skippy's blog, as well one of the few bloggers who refrained from the petty sniping back and forth blogtopia. his was a distinctive voice, a pioneering presence in blogging, and he is missed every day.

we would echo doc wendell's assesment of matt bai's approach...we, to name but a few, knew steve was black.

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thank you for honoring him...and remembering him.....( you did a better job then the NYT)....
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 6:25 PM PST  

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