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Monday, December 24, 2007

it could have been worse, she could have married felix navidad

the asspress tells this heart-warming holiday story of a woman who really didn't think her marriage thru to its logical conclusion. her first name is mary, and she got wed to a man whose last name is "christmas," resulting in the expected giggling this time of year:

"it was meant to be," mary christmas told the daily herald of provo. "god has a sense of humor. what are the chances that it would ever happen?"

she has found, however, that she is not alone. mary christmas has been working at ancestry.com for three years and discovered there are as many as 100 other mary christmases in the united states.

the last name of christmas has its origins in wales, she said.

"it was given to people that were born on christmas day," she said. "somewhere back there someone of my husband's ancestors was born on christmas. it is not a super common name."

christmas said her husband's grandmother, joy christmas, once was stopped at a counter at jcpenney, under suspicion for using a phony name.
her maiden name apparently was mary happy new year.

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The tale of the St. Stephen's Day Murders:

"I knew of two sisters whose name it was christmas,
And one was named dawn of course, the other one was named eve.
I wonder if they grew up hating the season,
Of the good will that lasts til the feast of st. stephen"

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