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Sunday, December 23, 2007

god speed, bill

or as he would put it...bod geed spill.

washington is not exactly known as a center of verbal, much less musical, wit, which makes all the more grievous the loss this week of bill strauss, the antic, cerebral founder of the capitol steps satirical group and a sort of puckish polymath for all seasons.

strauss, 60, who died dec. 18 after an eight-year battle with pancreatic cancer, somehow combined the dyspeptic fatalism of a failed idealist with the rapier mischief of a court jester in a way that put a human face on washington's political shenanigans. he taught an entire generation of elected leaders to laugh at themselves. - wapo

he will long be remembered as the creator of the "lirty dies" routine and many capitol steps songs. bill was counsel for a senate subcommittee when the capitol steps started back in 1981. - capsteps.com

in memory of bill, perhaps sing a round of "gun nuts boasting they can open fire (sung to the tune of the christmas song) or here come democrats! (sung to the tune of here comes santa claus.)


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this is a very nice tribute. i have seen the capitol steps every time they came within a hundred miles of me. i will miss him very much. now i gotta come up with a different spoonerism, because you used the one i was gonna go with.
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