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Saturday, December 22, 2007

environmental stories saturday

ca: yosemite
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tainted rainfall affecting parks. bits of ammonium - a nitrogen compound associated with agricultural operations and fertilizers - are hitchhiking on the snow and rain that fall onto yellowstone, glacier and other national parks in the intermountain west. - billings gazette

drip, drip, drip sounds the slow death knell of santa’s lapland hideaway. time is running out for tourists in search of real snow and an authentic father christmas at rovaniemi on the arctic circle. - london times

tree planting mandatory, cutting prohibited in ri action plan. the forestry ministry wants the government to issue a policy making it mandatory for each indonesian citizen to plant a tree every year to store more carbon. - jakarta post

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Environment? What Envronment?
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it would be nice to ask me first if you wanted to use my pic...
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