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Friday, December 28, 2007

edwards in a three-way w/clinton and obama

ewwww...thanks for that image!

but seriously, the waterloo-cedar falls courier is reporting edwards has snuck up into a virtual tie w/the other top two dems:

a new iowa caucus poll from lee enterprises newspapers shows the democratic race is a virtual three-way tie, with john edwards rising to tie barack obama for the lead and hillary clinton rising to just one point behind.

on the republican side, mike huckabee remains in the lead with a 7-point edge over mitt romney.

the poll, conducted with 500 likely caucus goers from each party on wednesday and thursday, showed edwards and obama tied with 29 percent to lead democrats, followed by clinton with 28 percent. bill richardson was fourth with 7 percent. joe biden was fifth with 3 percent. chris dodd and dennis kucinich both had 1 percent and 2 percent were undecided.

for republicans, huckabee leads with 34 percent, followed by romney with 27 percent. fred thompson is a distant third with 11 percent, followed by a three-way tie for fourth between rudy giuliani, john mccain and ron paul, with 8 points each. duncan hunter had 1 percent and 3 percent were undecided.
we can just hear the paulistas' spin on this: ron paul is tied with rudy guiliani, but the mainstream media won't report it!

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Okay, Skippy wins best blog post title of 2007.
commented by Anonymous Dr X, 2:40 PM PST  
wow some good news.....

( ron paul tied with Rudy...oh my ..that would be something...I hope he wins NH - just to give them all strokes)
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 3:48 PM PST  
Huckabee, Romney, and Thompson are the top three on the GOP side? Honestly, was the most controversial cartoon the bulk of Iowa's Republicans watched as children "Davey and Goliath"? What the fuck is going on over there?

Somebody bust those people out of the megachurches and give them some sunlight already...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 12:27 AM PST  

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