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Friday, December 28, 2007

bhutto killed by sunroof

agence france-press:

pakistan's interior ministry said friday that benazir bhutto was killed after smashing her head on her car's sunroof while trying to duck, and that no bullet or shrapnel was found inside her.

the ministry also said it had intercepted a phone call from a top al-qaeda figure congratulating a militant for the attack on her thursday, and said there was "irrefutable evidence" the group was trying to destabilise the country.

bhutto's death after a suicide bomber blew himself up at her campaign rally has plunged this nuclear-armed islamic nation into turmoil, but the ministry said she would have lived if only she had stayed inside her car.

"if she had not come out of the vehicle, she would have been unhurt, as all the other occupants of the vehicle did not receive any injuries," ministry spokesman brigadier javed cheema said.
a terrible irony that ms. bhutto's desire to be with her supporters is what led to her death.

meanwhile, speculation runs rampant that this could mean the end of musharrif, as well. forbes:

in stepping down as head of the military, pakistani president pervez musharraf bet his future on gaining political legitimacy. following the assassination of opposition leader benazir bhutto, the chances of that occurring have diminished sharply.

in a nation marked by personality-centric politics, bhutto’s violent demise thursday has led opposition leaders to declare that holding parliamentary and provincial elections as scheduled on jan. 8 would be a farce. bhutto's longtime rival, the ex-prime minister nawaz sharif, has vowed to boycott them.

“with bhutto’s death, the bush administration’s game plan to widen political support for musharraf’s war on terror through a deal with bhutto’s party has fallen flat,” said g. parthasarthy, a retired diplomat who served as india’s ambassador to pakistan.

“if pakistan holds elections on schedule, sharif will boycott them and bhutto’s party will be rudderless. then the pro-musharraf party [pakistan muslim league—quaid-e-azam] is likely to win, but the entire exercise will lack credibility and the democratic process will suffer,” he said.
if the military gets tired of propping up musharrif, it will be pretty bad for him.

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forensically there is no way that is what killed her...and I am not sure that is her xray....I love that the presser did not even acknowledge the footage with the GUN clearly pointed at her head...and the shots fired....if they can say that she fell etc. they remove her Islamic Martyr Honors.....it is a way of truly tarnishing her image Forever...shame on them...
even in Death they try to dishonor her and millions of people that hope for real democracy there...tragic.

there needs to be a really Thorough REAL Investigation.....(even Anna Nicole got a better investigation....)
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