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Thursday, December 27, 2007

bhutto in bhlogtopia**

in this corner, joshua holland at alternet's peek who reminds us that bhutto came to and stayed in power the way most people do...ruthlessly and corruptly.

and in this corner, our bhlog bhuddy melina at ripcoco who maintains that bhutto was a ground-bhreaker and important figure for women bhoth in third world and the first (and we suppose in the second as well). also in this corner is liza at culture kitchen.

we didn't know ms. bhutto. we are always in favor of opposition, just on general principles, and we are always against assassination and violence on those same principles. so we are sorry to see today's events unfold.

bhut that will not bhelay us from bhad jokes about the spelling of her name.

addendum: jill, over at bhrilliant at bhreakfast, points out that john edwards was the only...repeat, only...candidate to call musharrif today to ascertain the situation in pakistan.

**and yhes, whe choined thhat phrhase!

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