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Friday, November 16, 2007

writing wrongs; or, skippy sees john edwards (at least the back of his head) on the wga picket line at nbc


skippy, as readers of this space may know, is a member in good standing of the screen actors guild.

thus he feels that his union has a vested interest in the outcome of the current labor dispute between the writers guild and the american motion pictures and television producers -- and that is, what da man takes from the writers this year, he'll take from the actors next year, and from everyone else the year after that.

so it was was with great pride that skippy headed out to the wga picket line in front of the nbc studios in burbank.

when he got there, he saw a huge crowd (which he estimated to be around 500 striking writers and supporters) in front of the nbc entrance.


once skippy got a sign and merged into the crowd, he saw a huge throng of people knotted at the end of the sidewalk. after making his way over to get as close as he could, he realized that a contingent of media were interviewing john edwards, who dropped in to offer his support to the writers.

here's the back of john edwards' head:


you can tell it's john edwards, because his hair is so nice.

here's a pic of the front of the upper half of his face (there in the middle of the crowd), the rest of his face is blocked off by a camera:


but, finally, skippy got a real picture of john edwards as the senator moved to his car.


here's some other random pix of the event:



the smallville writers were there:


even fans (in this case, of battlestar galactica) showed up to support the striking writers:


as well as the writers for the tonight show w/jay leno


and conan o'brien


ok, we're being snarky there, but the show of support was amazing. many other screen actors guild members helped walk the line, including two ladies who put together a lemonade stand:


tv barn has a good round-up of the general feelings provoked by the strike:

with the holiday season approaching and no new talks planned between writers and producers, the work stoppage is guaranteed to last at least two months, barring an unexpected development in talks between the wga and the studios, which are represented by the alliance of motion picture and television producers (amptp).

a score of shows have already gone dark with more to follow, putting crews on the unemployment line along with the actors and writers. in the worst-case scenario, the strike wipes out the 2007-08 season, and is joined by the screen actors guild, whose contract with the big studios expires in june.

if this sobering realization has dampened spirits out on the picket lines, the writers aren't showing it…

spokesmen for amptp were eerily silent this week, as they were most of last week. patrick goldstein, who writes the “big picture” column for the los angeles times, reported wednesday that he couldn't get any studio head to speak on the record.

meanwhile, every writer with a blog was getting the message out and underscoring the determination of the 12,000-member wga.

“there's a much greater sense of solidarity in this strike,” said ken levine, the veteran comedy writer whose credits include “m*a*s*h” and “cheers” and whose blog is one of the go-to sites for anyone wanting a little color from the front lines. levine, a veteran of several writers' strikes, compared the current situation to the one in 1988, when a fractious writers' guild slogged through a painful five-month work stoppage that lacked a happy ending.

“in the '88 strike the film people were saying, 'why should we strike for tv residuals?' and the tv people were saying, 'why should we be striking for features?'” said levine. “this time it's something that both sides agree is important.”
here's ken levine's blog, tho we still think united hollywood is the go-to blog for this labor dispute.

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Well done, Skippy!
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 3:49 AM PST  
good job. I agree - UH is my go-to blog for strike news.
commented by Blogger Robin, 5:50 PM PST  

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