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Saturday, November 24, 2007

name and shame those who jeered

then ship them off to battle. apparently some of the public doesn't believe that losing limbs in service to their country is "payment enough" to use a public pool.
injured soldiers who lost their limbs fighting for their country have been driven from a swimming pool training session by jeering members of the public.

the men, injured during tours in iraq and afghanistan, were taking part in a rehabilitation session at a leisure centre, when two women demanded they be removed from the pool. they claimed that the soldiers "hadn't paid" and might scare the children. - the telegraph
hey, ladies....you want something to really scare your children?...show them what these soldiers had to endure. better yet, send your little kiddies off to war.

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Hi Jill,

It figures this would happen in the conservative heartland of Britain. Surrey is pure terra-tory and this is an example of conservative NIMBYism at its nastiest.

I tried to tell Sister Toldjah, who was banging on about liberals hatin' the troops - she deleted my comment.

Regards, C
commented by Blogger Cernig, 12:38 PM PST  

In fairness, no one has said specifically the women knew these were Iraq and Afghan veterans, only that some people were allowed to swim free in the pool because they were disabled.

Still a couple of jackasses (or whatever the UK version of that is), but possibly not anti-soldier.
commented by Blogger Carl, 3:07 PM PST  

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