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Monday, October 15, 2007

winning back america, one blue dog at a time

the kids at firedoglake have been asking their readers to put the pressure on the blue dogs who are voting against the s-chip...and it's working!

on the heels of our recorded calls to the districts of five reactionary democrats who refused to support the override of george bush’s veto of schip, two of them have now flipped their votes — last week baron hill, and today mike mcintyre of north carolina.

this is going to put incredible pressure on bobby ethridge, his fellow north carolinian, to flip as well…

that’s exactly what we’re trying to do — motivate people in these districts to be aware of what’s going on, get involved and take action. (when we were talking about doing this in the first place, matt stoller said “these guys don’t care about people in their districts, all they care about their buddies they go hunting with. we might as well be robocalling washington, d.c.”)

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