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Sunday, October 14, 2007

no, we aren't playing that game anymore...

that would be the game called "bash al gore for cheap amusement and petty political points while our sick society collapses all around us, ha ha ha ha ha":

...the washington insider community also shows no serious readiness to reexamine its failures in the wake of george w. bush's disastrous presidency and the devastating war in iraq, which now even retired lt. general ricardo sanchez, the former top commander of coalition forces, calls a "nightmare with no end in sight."

it's all so much easier to continue making fun of al gore.

i keep seeing the phrase "draft gore" popping up on various sites -- including this one. frankly, i'm getting tired of it. listen up, people, al gore is not jesus christ, nor is he trying to pass himself off as christ. he's just one man who happens to be in a very good position to show us all that global warming is a real and major problem -- so real and major that for homo sapiens, it is a potentially fatal one, too. okay? if al gore decides to run for the presidency, fine with me. if he chooses to keep on giving presentations about global warming instead, that's also fine with me. i don't care one way or the other. it's his life.

don't get me wrong. my respect for gore has skyrocketed in recent years because no matter what the republican noise machinists or their willing accessories in the "media" do to make him look like a buffoon, he keeps on truckin'. unlike these bloodless wingnuts and their beltway cocktail wiener addict enablers, al gore gives a damn. i love that. he's going to keep on doing what he does so well, no matter what these people say. he doesn't need them.

and neither do i. i'm through with them. this world's going to hell in an easter basket, and they still prefer making fun of al gore to doing anything to reverse our current course. i can't be bothered with these small, dim creatures anymore. they are leeches, they are petty, they are irritating, and they are trash. i don't need them.

you hear me? i don't need them.

and neither do you. tear 'em off and let 'em starve if they can't find another body to suck blood out of. my blood belongs to me, yours belongs to you.

enough already...

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posted by Jim Yeager at 8:17 AM |


I agree with you, 100%.

If Gore runs, I will definitely vote for him. I believe he is the best person for the job.

But if he doesn't run, Jesus, can you blame him?
commented by Blogger Laura Linger, 9:49 AM PDT  
With our current media, political discourse is a game of "gotcha" with the short sound bite trumping any actual policy.
commented by Blogger pygalgia, 11:54 AM PDT  
Read between the lines, man! Aside from being a gifted and accomplished individual, the reason why people want to draft Gore is that they believe he's the only one that can stop Hillary.

More and more of those Dems that pay attention beyond secondary sexual characteristics are becoming worried that she'll be the best Republican president America has ever had. Considering Obama has been flagging of late and none of the others are likely to have the time to catch up in this accelerated primary season...
commented by Blogger Demosthenes, 6:02 AM PDT  
Laura: Nope, I wouldn't blame him one bit.

Pygalgia: That's what makes it so galling. Maybe, pre-9/11, pre-Iraq, pre-Abu Ghraib, pre-Gitmo, and so on, this sort of childish punditry might have been partly acceptable. But here they go trying to resurrect the old bogus "Liar, Liar" meme to discrdit Gore, while the guy they gave a free pass to in 2000 continues to wreck this country. These people are not to be taken seriously, they are to be abandoned.

Demosthenes: I don't like the idea of a Hillary presidency. But at least I have a clear idea of what to expect from her if she wins. And it would be nice to have someone with a brain in the White House, too...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:37 AM PDT  
who is jm yeager and why should we care what he thinks?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:22 AM PDT  

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