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Sunday, October 21, 2007

gonzo on the other end of prosecution

well..how-de-do. this is going to make a new interesting entry in gonzopedia
the u.s. inspector general may recommend criminal prosecution of departed attorney general alberto gonzales at the conclusion of an investigation, possibly as early as next month, the fired former u.s. attorney for western washington told a spokane audience friday.

...“the chief law enforcement officer for the united states should not lie under oath,’’ mckay told the bar association.

it was reported last week that gonzales has now retained a high-profile defense lawyer, and apparently is refusing to answer questions from the inspector general, which could signify the investigation is nearly complete, mckay said.

“when it lands … it is going to be an extremely negative report on president bush’s justice department,’’ mckay told the packed conference room, which included federal prosecutors and judges. - spokesman review

tip o' the kangaroo tail to crooks and liars

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So the IG recommends prosecution and Dear Leader and his new Best Boy Mukasey do exactly what?

Hopefully a copy of the report will survive until 2009.
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