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Friday, October 05, 2007

and then we did a four way with jeff gannon and mark foley

no one is happier than we are to see gop hypocrites hoisted on their own penistard, but even we smell a spotlight hog on this one...

gay escort mike jones, who implicated rev. ted haggard in a gay sex scandal earlier this year, has made the allegation that larry craig visited jones for sexual favors as well.

while promoting his new book during a radio interview with knwq-am in palm springs wednesday night, mike jones hesitated from making the allegation on the air.

management for the radio station says jones told them he would reveal something about idaho senator larry craig on the "bulldog bill feingold show."

while he hesitated doing so on the air, a newschannel 3 camera was rolling when he made the accusation during a commercial break...

jones then added, "his travel records to denver have been documented. that's what i wanted to say."...

craig's office said in response, "mike jones' allegations are completely false."
and his stance is too narrow, too.

addendum: mike rogers, of blogactive, who specializes in outing gay repubbblican hypocrites, has his doubts about jones' veracity, as well...

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Reluctantly, I'll have to say that Mike Rogers came across as someone who was angry that another person had information on a particular individual that he didn't; dare I say jealous.

Ironically, there has been alot of that going around for quite some time especially where the gay activist blogs are concerned.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:05 PM PDT  
Hrmph. Roger's questioning someone's credibility is a joke.

The PageOneQ article was by-lined 'PageOneQ'. It refers to Mike Rogers as "the blogger who..." Criminy - no wonder Rogers gets no respect - he's the editor and publisher of PageOneQ.

Does Rogers, who has claimed journalist credentials, know anything about ethical and professional standards?
Apparently not - seems he takes his cues on disclosure from Fox Noise.
commented by Blogger Peter, 11:42 AM PDT  

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