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Friday, September 07, 2007

this guy is an idiot


president bush had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at the sydney opera house.

he'd only reached the third sentence of friday's speech to business leaders, on the sidelines of the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum, when he committed his first gaffe.

"thank you for being such a fine host for the opec summit," bush said to australian prime minister john howard.
actually, it was apec, the asia pacific economic conference. but he did manage to correct himself on that one. he was not so diligent on the next screw-up:

the president's next goof went uncorrected — by him anyway. talking about howard's visit to iraq last year to thank his country's soldiers serving there, bush called them "austrian troops."

that one was fixed for him. though tapes of the speech clearly show bush saying "austrian," the official text released by the white house switched it to "australian."

then, speech done, bush confidently headed out — the wrong way.

he strode away from the lectern on a path that would have sent him over a steep drop. howard and others redirected the president to center stage, where there were steps leading down to the floor of the theater.
ok, we can't blame him for the next one. but the biggest problem with the speech only added to the general feeling of incompetence:

apec security workers would not allow the members of the media who travel in bush's motorcade to enter the opera house along with him. this even though the journalists allowed into the president's entourage are extensively screened and guarded by the secret service, which has more stringent security standards than about any operation in the world. and even though they always accompany him into public events.

as a result, while bush spoke, the traveling media cooled its heels outside the landmark opera house, shooting pictures and watching boats in the harbor.
which were probably more interesting, and better public speakers.

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He is an idiot and so much more :(
commented by Blogger Carol, 1:37 PM PDT  
They missed a great opportunity not letting the stupid bastard walk off the edge.

Hiya Skippy, how ya doing?
commented by Blogger Bustednuckles, 1:50 PM PDT  
Oh you're such a stickler..

You say APEC Bush says OPEC
You say Austrailian Bush Says Austrain
You Say Tomato Bush Says That Red Veggie

I mean, he's only the POTUS, how much can we expect out of the guy?
commented by Blogger PoliShifter, 2:10 PM PDT  
This is better than the locked door when he was in China. What a maroon.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:44 PM PDT  
What a shame he did not keep on walking. This guy is stupid but what about the people who voted for him - twice?
commented by Blogger Martin, 6:23 AM PDT  
hai she was very beautyfull
commented by Blogger sam, 1:46 AM PST  
i like it
commented by Blogger sam, 1:48 AM PST  

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