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Saturday, September 01, 2007

skippy's saturday nite music club

emmylou harris & elvis costello - love hurts


posted by skippy at 6:23 PM |


i sure loves me some elvis, and migawd, emmylou, i bow down and worship even unto her.

but here is the definitive version of the song, by the everly's:

commented by Blogger SteveAudio, 3:51 AM PDT  
steveaudio is, as always when talking of things musical, correct.
commented by Blogger skippy, 1:53 PM PDT  
I danced with my first girl friend back in the day to this song.
Nice. Mr. Krall sounds good, and Emmylou is, as usual, wonderful.

But what's with his clothes?
commented by Blogger Linkmeister, 10:46 PM PDT  

you're too kind, and i'm sorry if my comment seemed to criticise your post in any way.

truly, i'll listen to elvis and/or emmylou sing recipes, or old phonebooks, they're that good at what they do.

(although i think elvis' bacharach homage was a little misguided.)

i just wanted to make sure folks knew where the song came from. too many people think it started with the awful guilty pleasure version recorded by nazareth in '78 or thereabouts.
commented by Blogger SteveAudio, 12:40 AM PDT  
you're too kind, and i'm sorry if my comment seemed to criticise your post in any way.

absolutely not, steve. i'm on a cruise ship where internet connection costs 50 cents a minute (!!!) or i would have gone into the history of the song, mentioning the everly's. theirs is the definitive version, but i was struck by the pairing of emmylou and elvis, two artists whom i love separately.

your expertise on music is welcome at this site any time.
commented by Blogger skippy, 8:01 AM PDT  

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