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Sunday, September 23, 2007

jena 6, big box bloggers 0

via jon swift guesting at c&l, we find pam's house blend having a quite astute realization that none, that would be zero, zip, zilch, nada, goose egg, null set, absence of anything, of the big box blogs have had anything to say about the jena 6:

chris kromm of the institute for southern studies and its blog facing south, is appalled, rightfully so, at the sparse coverage of the historic march for justice in jena, lousiana.

it's not to say that it isn't being covered in the blogosphere at all -- black bloggers have largely been responsible for the high profile of this case, picking up the ball where the melanin-challenged blogs of influence have dropped it. you'd think that the events today, which are being covered by the msm, would mean that the story is now mainstream blogworthy, but you would be wrong. chris:

dailykos features a handful of posts about injustice in iraq today -- but not a single entry on its main page, or even its user-generated "diaries," about this important case.

* talkingpointsmemo, a favorite of the dc wonk set, is similarly incensed about foreign policy, but apparently not about racial justice in the south -- nothing there either.

* long-time progressive blogger atrios doesn't have a lot of posts up,but found time to touch on paul krugman, iraq and the state of the euro -- but not this major issue.

* surely talkleft -- which has positioned itself as the leading progressive blog about criminal justice issues -- would have something? think again -- not a single mention, not even in the quick news briefs!

* what about another progressive favorite, firedoglake? a rant about republicans being "little bitches," but nothing on the jena 6.
when the jena 6 does make an appearance on progressive blogs today, it's little more than a passing nod. huffington post has a blog post buried below the fold; thinkprogress gives it a two-sentence news brief.
[ed. note: the today pam refers to is last thursday, the day of the huge march and demonstration in jena]

however, many of these blogs are eagerly pointing to news stories which suggest the republican candidates don't care about black issues.

[btw, nothing's up at americablog either, to be fair. my guest blogging stint is by and large up.] what is the explanation? oh, i could think of several, but overt racism isn't one of them. i have a couple of theories.
her theories are not kind (not that they should be), but worthy of thought. we suggest you go read her rant en toto (and dorothy, too), and the comments left thereon.

we admit we were late to the party ourselves, at first employing the instapundit excuse (duh! too complicated fer our little brains! hyuk! hyuk!), but then we found (via susie madrak) the great background piece by gil kaufman on mtv news, which was succinct, thorough, well-laid out, and easy to follow.

(commenters on pam's blog also point out msnbc's piece, also quite comprehensive.)

now, it is, to be fair, 4 days after the massive march, but some of those big box blogs have jumped on the bandwagon:

talkleft has three posts, including one "jena six thread";

c&l, our fav bbb, has seven posts, three of which are blog round-up compilations, all guested by non-staff members [ed. note: it turns out blue gal has been promoted to front page status at c&l, making our assertion of "guested by non-staff members" wrong, and our congratulations to her overdue];

tpm has one, count 'em, one story, about how fred thompson is out of the loop on the jena six (hello, pot? this is kettle...)

tpm cafe has one;

dkos (aside from the facing south cross-post pam alluded to) has three front page stories which include the words "jena six," two of which are open threads (but several, upwards to 50, diaries by members, including some asking why blogtopia* is so lax about this story);

fdl has one story, but at least it is from the ground at jena, and pam reports that jane told her there were technical difficulties getting the report from the blogger in jena;

huffpo cross-posted susie's piece, and had another post;

way down at the bottom of the list, americablog has zero, still; and, to a lesser extent, duncan.

go back to the comments section on pam's house blend and there you will find plenty of smaller blogs plugging their own efforts. it does seem to us that here the smaller entities in blogtopia* have picked up the ball dropped by the bbb.

another reason to keep clicking those links to the esoteric blogs you've never heard of before.

now, we're not about to accuse anybody in blogtopia* of unconscious bigotry. that would be easy. and we hate unconscious bigots. we'll never rent to them, or let them into our schools.

but it seems to us, that if we are to call ourselves progressives, it behooves us all to make the extra effort to be inclusive. and for god's sake, how hard can that be in this case? all you have to do is do some reading, and make a frickin' link, and voila! your readers become a little more aware of a tragic situation that the mmm is refusing to delve deeply into.

*and yes, we coined that phrase!

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I sort of get why Atrios has been sitting this one out, and I don't think that comment about "He's been writing about the Euro, but not the Jena 6," is exactly fair. He's an economist, ferchrissakes. Atrios writing about economics is like me writing about rhetoric. We're going to do it first because that's where our interests are and that's where our first inclinations run.

I'm also a regular enough reader over there to know that Duncan gets a little nervous talking about race-relations issues, and I don't blame him; it's awfully easy for a white guy in a position of privilege to hijack any kind of conversation like that.

That is not to say I don't think the big boys have fallen down on the job; they have, but at least in that case, I think I see why, if you get my drift.

I personally haven't blogged on it because I can't think of a thing to say about it. I'm a white, educated Canadian woman with no real experience dealing with race-relations issues aside from a brief stint doing anti-neo-Nazi work in Toronto, which is hardly the same thing. (David Neiwert and I would probably have a lot to say to each other, though.) I'm sadly out of my league on this one, and not particularly willing to make a botch-up of it. Especially since then all kinds of "you hate the US south" trolls will descend on me, and I'm sick and don't have the patience.
commented by Blogger Interrobang, 4:31 PM PDT  
Duncan "gets a little nervous talking about race?"

Perhaps because he tends to paint the entire south as racist- while ignoring the racism in his own backyard.

Progressives in the southern states, understandably, have grown tired of his rants.

So maybe it's best that he remain silent on this issue. He doesn't tend to "do it justice."

(I also think it's generational. A lot of thirty-somethings don't get it.)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:10 PM PDT  
Jena Six: Law Bloggers Cite Confusing Facts
By Jeralyn, Section Crime in the News
Posted on Sun Sep 23, 2007 at 04:28:03 PM EST
Tags: Jena Six (all tags)
The number of law-bloggers
commented by Blogger nunya, 5:31 PM PDT  
Oh, and listening to the aggregated Democracy Now shows I heard that David Duke ran for mayor from LaSalle parish, where Jena is. Creepy.
commented by Blogger nunya, 5:39 PM PDT  
Just a minor correction Skippy honey I did the round ups last week and I'm a C&L frontpager these days. If I try to post Wilson Phillips for a late night music club (joking! joking!) Amato might just fire me, though. xo
commented by Blogger Blue Gal, 5:48 PM PDT  
sorry i will correct, and congrats, bluegal, didn't know you was a front pager, thought you were just an incredibly well-received guest.
commented by Blogger skippy, 7:33 PM PDT  

How could you, of all people, ignore the sparkling and singular coverage of Jena by My Left Wing?!?!?!?!
commented by Blogger Carl, 7:21 AM PDT  
if my left wing is a big box blog, so is skippy. we literally have the same traffic count.
commented by Blogger skippy, 9:29 AM PDT  
At the risk of being self-aggrandizing, I posted on the Jena 6 back on Sept. 7, following up on Lower Manhattanite's great post at Thee Group News Blog.

I know, I'm a Z-lister, but still ... :)
commented by Blogger Sinfonian, 2:47 PM PDT  
Every day I don't write about issues that I should write about. Everyday, ever week, every month. I have a huge list of things that are imporant for me to write about, most of which I never will write about.

When a diarist wrote something about the Jenna 6 I front-paged it. Got very little interest. Maybe that says something bad about the Ag, maybe it only says that the Ag is about different things than race and civil rights...

In some cases what I choose to write about has to do with importance. In other cases it has to do with how much I think I can add to it (I've written about race and crime, race and economics, race and drugs, race and immigration. in the past because I feel I have something useful to add on thos topics).

I dunno. I'll simply say this - if someone thinks something should be on the Ag's front page, write a diary on it, and if you wrote a good diary (and you aren't shopping it to the world, although maybe even then) odds are very high I'll front page it.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:41 PM PDT  

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