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Friday, September 21, 2007

i'll spare them the trouble

i take cookbooks to read on trips. i generally travel alone. i have a makeup kit and i use aveda products. i even take a stuffed animal to sleep with. my current favorite right now is a crow handpuppet.

the u.s. government is collecting electronic records on the travel habits of millions of americans who fly, drive or take cruises abroad, retaining data on the persons with whom they travel or plan to stay, the personal items they carry during their journeys, and even the books that travelers have carried, according to documents obtained by a group of civil liberties advocates and statements by government officials.

the personal travel records are meant to be stored for as long as 15 years, as part of the department of homeland security's effort to assess the security threat posed by all travelers entering the country. - wapo
what next....being tagged as a terrorist for reading greg palast? oops...we already know that reading greg could get you "tazed."

and, who the h**l collects this stuff anyway? have they no shame?

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I cannot wait to take certain books with me on the trips I take. ;-)
Jeez, thank goodness I didn't fly during my last trip because right now I'm reading "Thinking like a Terrorist" I probably couldn't even have gotten on a plane with that book in my hand. Just for the record it's written by an undercover FBI agent who worked undercover for 15 years. And it's a great book. He looks at the history of terrorism and the fact that it's been around forever because people have been doing horrible things to people in order to make their point forever.

Now that they have all this data stored about us, who the hell is going to go through all of it and when?
Consumer marketing companies?
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I went on vacation last week with two books in tow: "A Tragic Legacy" by Glenn Greenwald and "The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins. One about Bush's worst presidency ever, the other about evolution. Fortunately, I had the sense to travel on Amtrak...
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