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Sunday, July 01, 2007

he he he...you said, "wick"...

steve mcfarland sends us the register's reaction to the bomb threat in london, which is basically, if these guys are terrorists, so is beavis and butthead:

and what an incident. "it is obvious that if the device had detonated there could have been serious injury or loss of life", deputy assistant commissioner peter clarke intoned gravely.

ah, if it had detonated. yes, it could have been a real horror. only, the device could not have detonated. not under any circumstances. you see, the terrorist wannabe clown who built it left out a crucial element: an oxidiser. the device was pure pre-teen boy fantasy.

"we'll heat up these propane cylinders with burning petrol, and they'll go off like bombs", boys the world over have remarked with glee. they don't realise that air is a poor oxidiser, and the only "explosion" they will get is when gas pressure inside the cylinders is great enough to burst them. then the propane will ignite, and a nice fireball will blossom. a fireball, not an explosion…

some stupid people did a stupid thing. yes, they might have injured or killed one or two passers-by, but any body count would have come in spite of them, not as a product of their efforts. you and i are more likely to have been killed accidentally by the lousy driver than intentionally by his beavis and butthead car bomb.

this should have been dismissed for what it is: an event on the level of some teenagers getting a tremendously foolish notion, and being drunk enough for it to appeal to them. but we're hearing whispers of terrorism instead - much as we heard from the americans when they foiled a "terrorist plot" to blow up fuel storage tanks at kennedy international. it would have been devastating, prosecutors told us. only that "plot" had the same hole in it: air makes a lousy oxidiser. if it had been carried out, it would certainly have made a bigger fireball than the one in london would have made. but that's about it.

so why is this such big news? because clowns have got to be passed off as terrorists. because a vast industry depends on terrorists, real and imagined, to justify its existence. we live now in the grip of the security-industrial complex, and that hungry beast demands to be fed. we feed it money hand over fist, and in return, it feeds us fear biscuits, which we are expected to accept with gratitude.


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If it had worked, it would have been a devastating blow to the laws of physics.
commented by Blogger Kip W, 1:19 PM PDT  
I never believed for a minute that it was a real threat, especially as it occured right when some of the flap about Cheney was being questioned. Yet another diversionary tactic...the sad thing is, it always works...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:57 AM PDT  

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