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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

happy 5th blogiversary!** to skippy!

that's right, this site has been blogging continuously at this space for 5 years today! we can hardly believe it ourselves! one would think we'd have something useful to do, but no, we've been disseminating news and snark for the past 5 complete turns of the calendar.

as is our tradition on this day, we present our very first blog post:

ok kids, this is my first attempt at blogging. why blogging? because i can. it's a lot like mt. everest in that way. we are all climbing the peaks of cyberspace to get to the pinnacle (or is it pinochle? i prefer canasta).

the web is one huge library full of books that didn't have to go through an editor to get published. is that good or bad? in truth, it's neither (ok, i've seen some of these blogs, you're right, it is bad). but nonetheless, as the french say, pass the fries!

i gotta start off with thoughts about mr. bush's speech. didn't work for me. not me personally, but my stock portfolio. i spent most of this morning selling at least half of my holdings. one sep-ira which i had started in 1993, and had doubled in value by 2000, had fallen all the back to original value plus $50 as of end of trading today.

i hate to tell you kids this, but we're in the middle of another great depression. that's ok, though, i'm old enough that my parents grew up during the first one, so i know some good techniques for saving money.

you'll notice a few things about skippy's first post. namely, it's in first person, a form which skippy soon abandoned upon hiring the editors to write for him. secondly, it's a little bit personal, it's a little be deconstructionistic, it's a little bit political, it's a little bit snarky, it's a little bit country, it's a little rock n' roll.

but mostly, it's a little bit boring. luckily for everyone, skippy got better at this.

we have literally thousands of people to thank for their support thru-out the years, so we'd better get started:

first and foremost, we couldn't have done this without the support and linkage of jeralyn merritt of talkleft and eric alterman of altercation. they were among the earliest in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, to notice our work and highlight it to their readers. and they have continued with their support thru all 5 years of our ramblings (eric even kept us on his roll after his move from msnbc to media matters, which touched us deeply).

and speaking of support, we must take time to thank those big blogs who, unlike two who shall remain nameless kos and duncan, chose to keep us on their blogrolls this year.

an especially big thank you goes to john and mike and nicole of crooks&liars, who continually link to us. and we give a shout out to our good friend jane as well as christy and trex and parachutec of firedoglake, all of whom also see fit to link to our nutty ramblings on a regular basis. also of note: the immeasurable digby, as well as tbogg, and gavin and the gang at sadly, no!; bob harris and tom tomorrow, both of whom give us personal encouragement as well as linkage; the erudite kevin drum; our friend bill scher of liberal oasis; and our good buddy brad of bradblog, who keeps us informed as well as linked to what's going on in the world of voting integrity.

and of course, there are plenty of other folks who have given their support to us since the beginning and thru-out the years, and we would be remiss in not mentioning: avedon carol of the sideshow; booman and the gang bt, and msoc and her squad at my left wing; maru of wtf is it now? and madkane; the pandagon bunch, including pam of the houseblend and chris of creek running north; watertiger of dependable renegade; eli of left i on the news; our good friend carl of simply left behind, our good friend renee of the iba; our old pal julia of sisyphus shrugged; our newest pal jessica of feministing, and the incomparable jon swift; not to mention a couple of blue women, a girl and a gal.

the list goes on: taylor marsh; sailor of vidiot speak; lindsay beyerstein and maha; steve of the carpetbagger report, and steve of steveaudio; dave of seeing the forest; everyone at the american politics journal; man eegee and blogtopus and badtux the snarky penguin.

we can't forget athenae, scout and our old co-blogger holden at first draft; and also stranger and the gang at blah3, and leah and chidyke and shystee and the kids at correntewire; sean-paul and ian and the folks at the agonist; melissa and her team at shakesville; the mad biologist mike and pz meyers, who's just perturbed; rudepundit and the poorman institute; we must not forget those who don't agree with our political bent but see fit to link to us anyway: glenn reynolds and joe gandelman and steven green always give us space and linkage, and we are grateful; and, just because we love pirates and dykes, our cap'n, captain dyke!

we also need to thank matt stoller who let us participate in the liberal blog advertising network, as well as anna who is currently running said network; and, speaking of ads, here's a shout out to justin and the crew at blogads.

and, to give away one of our secrets, we'd be totally lost without the input and hard work of our co-bloggers, whom we thank profusely: mimus pauly, pudentilla, dbk (the blogger formerly known as gd frogsdong), carnacki, george and the one true tami.

and speaking of the blog itself, let's get meta and say we never meta nicer couple of designers than those two who put our site together: the lovely lauren bruce who designed our new template, and august j. pollack who drew the now-famous skippy logo.

but last, and so far from not least she is actually the most: our environmental editor and right hand blogger cookie jill, without whose support and help this site would have folded about 17 months ago. thank you, jill, for your contributions to keeping this blog alive.

we are leaving out so many, and to those we've missed, our apologies. you can get a sense of the folks who have supported us and to whom we owe immeasurable gratitude by simply perusing our blogroll to the right of these words.

but most of all, and we mean this every year we say it, we reserve our biggest and most heartfelt thank you to you, our audience, the readers of this humble space.

to be very, very honest, there has been more than one time in the past year that we have felt like chucking it all in and going on to do something actually productive with our lives; and then we'd get a comment, or an email, from one of our readers telling us how much the blog means to them. that is what keeps us going on a daily basis.

thank you so much for your patronage. we hope, in some small way, we are able to make your journey back to democracy a little more tolerable.

and remember
skippy needs two million hits!!

**and yes! talkleft coined that phrase!


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Skip, you don't need to thank me, but you're welcome.

I, however, need to thank you, for your support and encouragement over my soon-to-be two years of blogging.

You didn't need Jon Stewart's endorsement, as welcome as it was. We'd all have found you in the first place.
commented by Blogger Carl, 6:44 AM PDT  
we'd be totally lost without the input and hard work of our co-bloggers

Oh, who are you trying to kid, skippy? Stop it, just stop it. I can't speak for any other co-blogger, but everybody knows damn well that I'd be lost without you -- and I know it better than anyone. And as hard as it to believe, you really don't grasp just how much you have contributed to blogtopia, do you? I'm not being a suck-up here, I'm being dead serious. You have, whether you intended to or not, not only shined light in places I once thought were impervious to illumination, but you've done so while no one else I know of has done the same. I'm no great shakes as a blogger -- I make the most of what I have to work with, and that's what I'll settle for. But when it comes to blogging, I know genius when I see it -- and you've got it in spades.

You don't need me. You just happen to like me enough to let me post an entry once in a while, for which I am grateful. Thank you. And congratulations on reaching your fifth blogiversary...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 7:14 AM PDT  
Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the news, snark, and for supporting us smaller bloggers.
commented by Blogger pygalgia, 7:17 AM PDT  
Hoppy Birthday, skip!
commented by Blogger moderate, 7:46 AM PDT  
Congratulations on not spending $600 billion of other peoples money and killing hundreds of thousands in the last five years.
Time well spent.
commented by Blogger 5th Estate, 7:51 AM PDT  
Congratulations, Skippy, Cookie Jill, Mimus Pauly, DBK, Carnacki, Pudentilla, Tami, and George!

Big hugs all around!
commented by Anonymous Melissa McEwan, 7:54 AM PDT  
Happy birthday! You don't look a day over 2, perhaps because you always seem so young at heart despite your advanced age. And it is I who should thank you for the support and inspiration you've given to my modest blog and to other smaller bloggers out there in blogtopia (who coined that phrase? does anyone know?).
commented by Blogger Jon Swift, 7:56 AM PDT  
happy blogiversary skippy! you guys do great work. ;-)
commented by Blogger shayera, 8:09 AM PDT  
Big Congrats to everyone here at Skippy. You guys are the best!

--scout prime
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:19 AM PDT  
happy birthday, skippy! but how old are you in kangaroo years?
commented by Blogger DeeLuzon, 8:29 AM PDT  
you rock, skippy! glad to see you still blogging away after all these years. besides, any blog that has a link to me has to be a great blog.

oh, okay. that might be a bit arrogant of me. but hey! bloggers is as bloggers does.
commented by Blogger Rook, 8:31 AM PDT  
Congrats and many more anniversaries to Skippy and the gang here!!!
commented by Blogger Marked Hoosier, 9:01 AM PDT  
Mazel tov! That's a real achievement.

Either that or you don't know when to quit.

I was proud to be invited to post here and remain so, though I rarely ever post here these days. In fact, I'm prouder of that than I am of my supernumary nipple.
commented by Blogger DBK, 9:07 AM PDT  
Congratulations on the first five years, and a salute to the next five years, of keeping it hopping in Blogtopia.

Reading your blog is kind of like reading Mad Magazine when I was young. It's good stuff and makes me smile when I need it the most.

Thank you
commented by Anonymous rw, 9:10 AM PDT  
Happy blogiversary, Skippy. You were one of the first blogs I discovered and I've been a fan ever since. Thanks for all the info, snark and, especially, support for the smaller blogs. I sure hope you'll still be here in five more years.
commented by Blogger Rez Dog, 9:13 AM PDT  
Happy Birthday!!!!
commented by Blogger nunya, 9:55 AM PDT  
5 Years? Tha kind of means your links are greying a bit in Bloggers years... Geting better with age, for certain! But don't ya think 2 million hits is aiming low for a Blog like this?
Happy Blogiversary! Hope you are around for many more!
commented by Blogger Miss Cellania, 10:34 AM PDT  
And here I am coming up on3 years thinking I was pretty cool...I got nothing on you.

Seriously, you've created a unique place in blogtopia (y!sctp) and that's pretty wonderful.

Keep it up, dammit!
commented by Blogger SteveAudio, 10:47 AM PDT  
Cheers to you all! Treat yourself to a Madonna concert on me (as long as you do it online :-) )!
I didn't see a thank you to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, or maybe it's CNN you need to thank. Any way it's nice to still have this blog out here in blogtopia.
commented by Anonymous mark, 10:50 AM PDT  
¡felicidades, skippy!
commented by Blogger Man Eegee, 10:57 AM PDT  
huzzah skippy...

my tribute to you
at wvablue
commented by Blogger Carnacki, 11:03 AM PDT  
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 11:04 AM PDT  
commented by Anonymous tata, 11:23 AM PDT  
Many congrats! May there be many more years of blogging to come!!!!
commented by Blogger James, 11:56 AM PDT  
Congrats to the entire kanga-gang! Five years is like 40 in blog years, no?

from the other George
commented by Blogger George, 11:58 AM PDT  
Happy blogiversary! Hope you have a whole lot more.
commented by Anonymous spyderkl, 12:05 PM PDT  
Happy Anniversary Skippy!

Keep on keeping on and many, many thanks from this no name, no traffic blogger.
You are the best, keeping the flame alive and sending the message that we all count, no matter how small we are.
Best wishes,
Bustednuckles, the Ornery Bastard.
commented by Blogger Bustednuckles, 12:37 PM PDT  
Carl sent me to say Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversay!
commented by Blogger not_over_it, 1:12 PM PDT  
happy anniversary skip... who'd've thought ANY of us would've lasted this long...
commented by Blogger Freewayblogger, 1:22 PM PDT  
Happy blogiversary, Skip! Here's to another 5 great years!
commented by Anonymous Arlen, 1:26 PM PDT  
Congrats - that is 35 in blog years.
commented by Blogger Gary, 2:20 PM PDT  
Happy Blogaversary,
huh, I just discovered I don't know how to spell made up words.
2 million hits any aday now.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:40 PM PDT  
Happy Blogiversary, Skippy! Five years is, like, eternity! How does it feel to be soooo old?
commented by Blogger coturnix, 2:42 PM PDT  
Wow...you set the bar very high, skippy. I bow in your general direction!
commented by Blogger Mustang Bobby, 3:21 PM PDT  
Congratulations Skippy! Here’s to another 5 years in Blogtopia (and yes! YOU coined that phrase!)!
commented by Anonymous semidi, 3:24 PM PDT  
Ye be th'Best SailMaster a lesbian Pirate Queen could e'er have, Me Darlin' Roo! HUZZAH for yer five an' I be grantin' ye 500 more o' th'self-same!
commented by Anonymous Capn Dyke, 4:42 PM PDT  
Congratulations on your five year blogiversary! You have ascended to the pantheon of mentors, because you are one of mine! (BG,RS is two - a little sister of sorts?)

Good on ya, and keep it up!
commented by Blogger --Blue Girl, 5:41 PM PDT  
Congrats on another successful year of blogging! We love ya!
commented by Blogger Carrie, 7:39 PM PDT  
Happy blogiversary!
commented by Blogger fiat lux, 7:58 PM PDT  
Happy,Happy,Happy,Happy,Happy Blogiversary, Skippikins! I always know where to go if I want to laugh and cry at the same time. Love ya.
commented by Blogger gbreez, 8:47 PM PDT  
commented by Blogger Tab, 10:48 PM PDT  
Grats Skippy. Longevity in this business says something.
commented by Blogger Ian, 11:06 PM PDT  
Mazeltov and many more, Skip!
commented by Blogger Fixer, 1:51 AM PDT  
a big fat congrats to all y'all!
commented by Blogger a rose is a rose, 2:37 AM PDT  
Sweet Lord, congratulations!
commented by Blogger Three Wise Men, 8:44 PM PDT  

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