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Thursday, July 12, 2007

dear sen. reid

please ask this guy what he puts in his wheaties:

firing by bush rejected by whatcom county boundary official

by david bowermaster

seattle times staff reporter

a dispute over a backyard wall in whatcom county has reached all the way to the white house, with president bush firing international boundary commissioner dennis schornack over his handling of the matter. [….]

"i am unable to recognize the authority of this communication because i don't believe that you would knowingly act beyond your authority, outside the law or to otherwise jeopardize the national security of the united states," schornack wrote.
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The guy responsible for sacking Schnorack is Luis Reyes, Special Assistant to the President for Personnel. He's is the same Reyes who was at Justice during the sackings of the US Attorneys there, and his name is included in the many many e-mails cited in the paper trail detailing the political witch-hunt that went on.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:18 AM PDT  
Ah, another 'Reyes' of sunshine illuminating bush's hiring policies[/snark]
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 9:49 PM PDT  
"... i don't believe that you would knowingly act beyond your authority ..."

Really? Bush? What planet has Schornack been living on for the past 6 years?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:06 PM PDT  

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