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Friday, June 29, 2007

you phone i phone we all phone for iphone

working assets, which has their own phone network, is calling for a boycott of apple's at&t-specific iphone. tech.bloge.com:

working assets called for action through their online activism arm, act for change, which released a petition where consumers vowed to boycott the iphone. "apple's new iphone could be easily portable across wireless carriers," the group complained on their mailing list. an open market could mean cheaper service for consumers, they argued, and apple "could use its influence to set an example…"

steve jobs responded thursday when questioned by wall street journal columnist walter mossberg. one of the six questions mossberg asked went straight to the controversy. "why does the iphone only work with a single carrier, at&t?"

jobs countered that at&t had "been investing billions of dollars in the last couple of years to create a great network." using a gsm network will allow apple to make the iphone "a world phone," according to jobs — functional in "80% of the world."

but mossberg had also asked jobs if iphone owners would ever be allowed to use other u.s. carriers — and jobs conveniently ducked the question.

as it stands now, act for change sees iphone users locked into a service contract with "a corporation whose practices seem to run counter to everything apple stands for." their announcement included complaints directed specifically towards at&t — including at&t's "warrantless wiretapping" controversy and their sharing of customer phone records with the national security agency.

the group even cited the chairman's political contributions of at&t's chairman, and called it "the same at&t that is doing its very best to destroy net neutrality and create a 'slow lane' internet for the rest of us."

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Thanks Skippy. I was boycotting the iPhone, despite my deep desire for all things Apple, precisely because it was AT&T and in addition to your reasons, AT&T has a crappy network.
commented by Blogger Carl, 1:53 PM PDT  
"apple's new iphone could be easily portable across wireless carriers,"

No, it could be portable across GSM carriers which, I believe, includes only AT&T (and Cingular, which is the same) and T-Mobile. But since AT&T modified their service to provide "visual voice mail," the service with T-Mobile would be distinctly inferior.

In the rest of the world, which is essentially all GSM, this would be a reasonable proposition. In the U.S., where there are also CDMA networks and Sprint which is something else entirely (not sure), it's not. Take a look at Palm, who has to make different model Treos for different networks - they are not interchangeable.
Yeah, AT&T is taking a ridiculously high amount of money from ME every month, while refusing to invest in the infrasturcture in MY neighborhood, AND spying on me.

commented by Blogger nunya, 3:25 PM PDT  
Left i,

Not necessarily. Verizon recently announced they were expanding their network for compatibility with some European phone networks (Voda, I think), so the iPhone could conceivably port there.

Plus, all phones eventually get modified for TDMA and CDMA access. That's just the market for the phones, Nokia being a singular (pun intended) exception.
commented by Blogger Carl, 4:33 PM PDT  
Incidentally, Working Assets does not run their own network. They essentially buy time from Sprint.

And I am not at all convinced AT&T is any worse than any of the other companies. They all oppose net neutrality, they've all tried to block municipalities from running their own wireless networks. Basically, they're all venal, uncaring corporations. Although if I am not mistaken, AT&T is at least union.
commented by Anonymous sasha, 4:36 PM PDT  

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