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Monday, June 25, 2007

will the real dem party please stand up, please stand up, please stand

marshall mathers aside, it does seem strange how few dem candidates want to actually admit it.

the strange death of liberal america finds that:

the word “democrat” or “democratic party” does not appear in the biographies on hillary clinton’s web site or mike gravel’s. john edwards, chris dodd and barack obama mention it once in their web site biographies. bill richardson gives the party three mentions in his bio. joe biden wins the award for most mentions with four. dennis kucinich’s web page would not even load.

as for expressing pride in being a democrat or citing the history of the party, democratic presidential candidates avoid that almost as gingerly as hitler’s relatives avoided their ancestry. notably only bill richardson recognizes the importance of the past, evoking a democrat who today is almost forgotten or regarded as a loser and a dinosaur. richardson writes:

his interest in politics was sparked while on a school trip to washington, d.c. during which senator hubert humphrey stopped to talk to bill and his classmates about american values and the power of public service. governor richardson calls this a turning point in his political awareness: “senator humphrey was a proud democrat and presented his convictions with such strength, that i began to realize how a progressive vision could change the world.”
here in one paragraph a democratic candidate has–say we the cajones–to positively mention his party, hubert humphrey and the importance of a “progressive vision.” that alone is enough to get this blogger a lot more interested in a candidate most still regard as a non factor. blogdom overflows with words and snarky comments about clinton, obama and edwards, yet none of these candidates mentions ” a progressive” vision with richardson’s sense of passion, history and values.

perhaps one reason the other candidates avoid mentioning their party stems from their party’s inability to define itself. i dare you to ask anyone you know what the democrats stand for. if you get an answer other than “i don’t know” or one of rush limbaugh’s rants or something about the war, please post a comment immediately. you may have found something rarer than an endangered species in the amazonian jungle.

lacking a unified set of values, the democrats have also lacked an agenda, putting them on defense much of the time. since the reagan administration, the gop has set the agenda and the democrats try to respond, which represents a complete reversal of the situation even as far back as the days of william jennings bryan. this causes the democratic party look weak and indecisive; the equivalent of that venerable carnival act when a car suffed with clowns tries to put out a fire.

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I am glad to see many websites like Skippy the Bush Kangaroo are warming to Richardson’s campaign. Richardson is my governor: I have known him personally for 30 years. What Richardson has achieved vis-a-vis the New Mexico Legislature is remarkable, but I won't recite the
accomplishments. I do want to see him President, but I am in no way
connected officially to his campaign.

The so called top-tier candidates together, all 3 ofthem, have a collective resume still lesser in quality to Bill Richardson's! I am certain that Richardson’s real genius and his strongest suit is in international affairs, and that will be vital (and I don't mean as just a future US Secretary of State!), if we are going to even attempt to rebuild the shattered US image internationally, after six years of Halliburton-driven corporate kleptocracy. His debate skills have not been as honed and polished as the 3 lawyers in so-called "top tier," but that is fixable. His biography is great (Between Worlds: the Making of an American Life), and my guess is that his new book on Energy Policy will be just as good or better.

Here is what I consider the bottom line: you don’t have to be a Marxian or Hegelian or a Ph.D Economist to comprehend that our domestic economy is suffering and going to get worse resulting from the on-going international
implications of the screwed up foreign policy of this present administration, so thoroughly based on corporate needs and demands; as long as we continue to
see appointments like Bush’s trade negotiator Zoelick made over into
President of the World Bank to replace “Wolfiewits,” don’t expect ANY major improvements in the last two years of Bush’s tenure, especially in the trickle down economic realms improving the lives of individual American consumers.

Richardson has repeatedly made it clear that Congress could deauthorize the Iraq War, and that he personally would end it the first day of his Presidency.

My prediction: Richardson is going to win in Nevada, and he is going to do very very well in Iowa, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and California, I think winning in at least one more of those states. A recent poll made clear that he is the only candidate in Iowa whose poll numbers are radically improving!
May I suggest that you and your readers directly communicate to David Contarino and Amanda Cooper, his Campaign Manager, and Deputy CM, or to Richardson directly through the email function on his NM governor website? These people are very open to new ideas,
questions, strategies, insights, etc., and I encourage anyone reading to take the time to contact them by phone or by email, even if you have just one question on a policy matter, or want to tell Bill Richardson what YOU

If you wish, please google the title of my most recent major article, RESOLVING THE WORSENING CRISIS AT THE FDA, published at many websites and in many nations.

Stephen Fox
New Millennium Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
505 983-2002
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