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Friday, June 22, 2007

this is the way the "trickle down" theory works...

the uber wealthy piss on the rest of us.

the chief executive of a livermore startup company has pleaded guilty to evading more than $400,000 in income taxes stemming from an embezzlement scheme that helped him pay for a ferrari, baroni suits and expensive wine, authorities said today.

john frances griffin, 44, formerly of orinda and the head of vaportech inc., entered guilty pleas thursday before u.s. district judge claudia wilken in oakland. he admitted that he had evaded paying taxes in 2004 and 2005, years when he had taxable earnings of more than $1.1 million.

..griffin allegedly stashed wads of cash in candles and coke cans, and a former girlfriend told the fbi that he once told her, "only idiots pay taxes." - sfgate

yo...griffin...you want to tell the taxpayer supported troops that?


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Sometimes I wonder if the words "greed" and "stupid" come from the same root...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 3:23 PM PDT  

What the heck was that? A company which specialized in tech services from pre-announced software products which never got released?
commented by Blogger Linkmeister, 7:08 PM PDT  
I'm with the linkmeister, what kind of idiot invests in a company that advertises by its name that it has no products.
commented by Anonymous Bryan, 7:47 PM PDT  
that's not trickle down... it's just rain...
commented by Blogger George, 10:23 PM PDT  
Green and stupid can be the same as baroni suits and wool suits are the same as long as the wearer can handle the.
commented by Blogger Cheap Men Suits, 4:30 AM PDT  

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